A North American Kingdom?

Q. With all the talk of amnesty and removing the southern border of the US what is your take on the Prez. trying to set up the North American kingdom for the end times 10 kingdoms of the world?

A. The North America Free Trade Agreement came into effect in 1994 after 8 years of negotiations between Canada, the US, and Mexico.  I believe this was meant to be the first official step toward the development of a North American Union to become one of 10 regional governments in the last days (Rev. 17:12-13).

Lately, our government has refused to plug up the holes in our southern border, instead looking for ways to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals who have already entered the country.  This is seen by some as a way for the Democratic Party to insure perpetual re-election by creating an automatic majority in the electorate.  But I believe there’s also a larger goal in mind, because illegals already vote, attend schools,  have US drivers licenses, collect welfare, etc.  without citizenship. I think the larger goal is to bring about a de facto North American Union, so when the time comes the three countries can officially surrender their sovereignty without much of a fuss.

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