She Plans To Take Him Back

Q. I am reading the answer you gave the person in the Grounds for Divorce article.  This reminded me of a dear friend whose husband did much worse.  He tried to rape her nine-year-old nephew!   The man was convicted and soon will be free.  She is a good Christian woman and says that she cannot divorce him, for he was not unfaithful. She is basing her decision on the same Bible reference, so she plans to take him back!  It’s one thing is to forgive, and another  to live with the person.  What do you think?

A. Your friend may feel her husband was not really unfaithful to her because there was no other woman involved. Nevertheless, divorce is not required in the case of marital infidelity, only permitted. If she has forgiven him and still loves him, reconciliation is an option available to her.

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