Referring People To Your Site

Q. What happens if, in good faith, I refer people to your ministry and and some of them turn out to be jerks? I have to confess I have given out your site to several folks that I’ve met on (another) site. I see a couple have written in. If you want me to stop just say so. Otherwise I shall continue to advertise your site.

Also I have been unable to find a study that explains the transfiguration to my understanding. Probably because I’m dense. Do you have one?

A. I’m happy to get all the visitors to our site that we can by any means possible. Who knows what will happen after they visit? All the thousands of people who come to the site every day were once first time visitors.

As for the transfiguration, I haven’t done a study devoted to that topic. I believe that as of the moment He was transfigured, Jesus, Moses and Elijah were all visitors from the future.

Peter, James and John were the only disciples to see this, and later Peter wrote that He was an eyewitness to the 2nd Coming, and recounted what he had seen and heard at the transfiguration. (2 Peter 1:16-18)

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