Sin Or Not Sin?


God is clear in Romans 1 and of course elsewhere, that sodomy (what the world refers to as homosexuality today) is a sin. But it’s a sin like any other — fornication, adultery, murder, etc. However, what the media and the gay rights organizations do is to negate the fact that God calls it sin. Can you scripturally bridge the dichotomy between God’s obvious mandate on this sin and yet gay people insisting they were born with this predisposition, with children as young as four or five already exhibiting homosexual tendencies, and therefore it’s not sin?


On one hand you have God condemning behavior He calls sinful. He says we are all born sinners (Psalm 51:5) and so we all stand condemned for our behavior (Romans 5:12) . But He provided a remedy for our sins by sending His son to die for us (John 3:16). Everyone who accepts His death as payment for their sins is no longer condemned but has eternal life (John 5:24) even though (or because) none of us can stop sinning (Romans 7:18-20).

On the other hand you have people who say because they were born the way they are their behavior cannot be sinful. By doing so they are differentiating their particular behavior from every other classification of sinful behavior and somehow elevating it to an “unsinful” status.

So the real question is not whether they were born homosexual. The real question is whether they believe homosexual behavior is a sin. Since the Bible says it is, then it’s their word against God’s word, and as long as they insist that what God calls sinful really isn’t sinful they will remain estranged from Him.

Ceasing to sin is not a precondition for becoming saved (Romans 5:8) and it’s not a requirement for staying saved (Romans 7:18-20). Trying to live in a manner that’s pleasing to God is the way we express our gratitude for the fact that He saved us regardless of our behavior (Phil 3:16).

I don’t think anyone knows whether being gay is a matter of genetic predisposition or not. But I do know that people can’t come to God for forgiveness until they admit their behavior is sinful.