Still More On Homosexuality


Please don’t think that I am hard and unforgiving on the contrary from the day I committed my life to Christ I have known deep heartbreak and hurt from my own family who do not know the Lord. If I did not forgive I would ended with no family whom I love. I understand fully that without forgiveness the church is history.

As I said in letter to you I have weaknesses that I seek God for deliverance and strength but they are not a daily part of my life. I think if I did these same sins on a daily basis I would most likely

end up not serving God from a conscience destroyed by guilt and remorse.

Did the Lord not say to the women caught in adultery go and sin no more? If she had continued in her sin all I am saying is should there not be a change?


Without realizing it, you’ve answered your own question. Salvation is by grace through faith, not by works. And the Holy Spirit was sealed within us when we first believed, before we had done anything, good or bad, as believers. So our works neither add to nor detract from our salvation. Our eternity with God is secure.

But continuing to sin does carry earthly consequences and you’ve identified them. Believers who continue to sin without confession and forgiveness suffer guilt and anguish because their unconfessed sins keep them out of fellowship with God and leave them open to attacks by the enemy. Their lives have no meaning, and serve no purpose to the Lord.

In addition they are tormented by the devil until their guilt and anguish render them worse than useless. Believers who suffer from deep seated addictions have a particularly hard time, because they don’t even like doing the things that keep them out of fellowship. They feel like they’re being punished for something they can’t control. Many develop a fatalistic hopelessness about life and actually long for death to end their suffering.

Those of us who don’t suffer from addictions have no way of understanding their anguish and don’t realize that by judging them or questioning their salvation we’re really saying them that God doesn’t love them. In doing so, we who are called to love one another wind being up part of the problem instead of part of the solution.