The Gift Of Healing

Q. I just heard a pastor quote another well-known pastor saying that the “gift of healing” alluded to in the NT does not necessarily mean that an individual is granted supernatural powers to heal another sick person, but rather it’s the gift of A healing to the sick person, thus the sick one who gets healed has the gift of healing.  Thoughts?

A. 1 Cor. 12:7-11 contains a list of supernatural abilities the Holy Spirit distributes among believers as He determines.  Among them is the gift of healing.  Although receiving a supernatural healing is certainly a gift from God, it doesn’t make sense that Paul would include a passive gift in the middle of a list of active abilities without offering any explanation as to why he did so. He repeated His belief that these were active abilities in 1 Cor. 12:28.  Paul had received a supernatural healing (Acts 9:17-19) and also had the ability to bring healing to others (Acts 28:7-9) so he certainly knew the difference.

In summary this pastor’s opinion doesn’t fit the context of the passages in which Paul discussed the gift of healing.  Nor is it consistent with the Biblical record.

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