The Unforgivable Sin


I need some help with clearing this up, I’m really confused about the unforgivable sin. I’ve been told by different people that its rejecting Jesus Christ at the Holy Spirit’s revealing he is the Savior or that its attributing the Miracles of Jesus Christ to Satan.

While the latter is really bad is it unforgivable? What would make it unforgivable? I can see how rejecting Christ becomes unforgivable but what about the other? I’m really confused. What do you think?


When the Pharisees attributed the Lord’s miraculous work to Satan (Matt 12:22-37) He accused them of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, whose power was evidenced in His miracles, and said that they wouldn’t be forgiven for that. Their actions were not the cause of their eternal condemnation, but were evidence that they hadn’t responded to His ministry of reconciliation, and had therefore condemned themselves. (John 3:18)

He then extended this unforgiveness to include all men. The reason for this is that in the Church Age blaspheming the Holy Spirit is an indication that the Holy Spirit isn’t sealed within the person, and therefore the person isn’t saved. It also shows that their hearts are hardened to a point where they never will answer the Lord’s call on their lives.

So in a sense, both of your statements are correct. No believer would ever attribute the Lord’s miracles to Satan. It’s unthinkable. Only a person who is beyond redemption could even conceive of doing such a thing.