What About Romans 1?


I just finished reading your newest email about homosexuals and the rapture. I understand what you’re saying, but I just don’t agree with your answer. If you are right, then what do you do about the chapter in Romans where God’s word speaks of the men and women that have gone against nature and turned to having sex with their own kind?

I want you to know that I enjoy your teachings and I have a lot of your mp3 teachings downloaded on my mp3 player so that I can listen often. I think this day we have a lot of tickling of our ears and a teaching of Jesus, but a different Jesus. I believe that sin that you commit willingly and with full knowledge that it’s a sin is wrong. I have to wonder if the people that set out to live in a way that God clearly doesn’t want, if Jesus is truly in their hearts at all or if they are getting their ears tickled instead of their toes stepped on. I’m not a teacher or a scholar, so I hope this makes sense.


The Passage in Romans 1:18-32 refers to non-believers who rejected God. They know who He is but neither glorify Him nor give thanks to Him (Romans 1:21-22) My article refers only to believers, and my suggestion is that we pray for them to turn away from their sin and back to God instead of condemning them as unbelievers. Please remember that God hates the sins you and I commit willingly and with full knowledge just as much as he hates theirs, and He died for all sins, ours and theirs.