What About The Untold?

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the eternal fate of the “untold”, those who have lived their lives, died and never once heard the gospel.  Would they suffer the same punishment as someone who has heard the gospel and rejected it?

A. Although the Bible doesn’t say so specifically, one can make a strong circumstantial case that there are no “untold.”  Theologically speaking, God would have no legal right to punish the uninformed, if there are any,  because doing so would violate His character as a just and righteous God.

But Romans 1:20 says that God is so clearly revealed in the Creation that men are without excuse, and Matt. 7:8 says that who ever seeks Him will find Him.  To me that leaves the responsibility with man.

I’m convinced that every person who ever lived to the age of accountability has had at least one bona fide offer of the Kingdom during his or her lifetime.

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