What About Tony?


What do you think about Tony Blair being confirmed as a Roman Catholic and now that he will be stepping down as prime minister, he is being proposed as the Middle East envoy to solve the peace issue with Israel and the Palestinians, I.E. the Middle East’s peace promoter, and then along with this the EU agreed last week on a new constitution to set the EU into motion for World dominance and solutions to the World’s problems…..Then there’s Russia, Iran, China, N. Korea, Venezuela along with the other middle eastern countries all against Israel at this very moment. In regards to the end times, does this seem to play into the scenario…your thoughts please.


Already people are speculating that Tony Blair might be the coming prince of Daniel 9:26. They say he’s not the head (king) of Europe but as the quartet’s envoy he has great authority so he’s at least a prince. And since he’s officially becoming a Catholic he represents the Holy Roman Empire, too. Then there’s the issue about him coming to confirm (enforce) a 7 year treaty, the Oslo Accords. You can see why folks are connecting the dots so quickly. You should expect someone to figure out how “Tony Blair” adds up to 666 any day now.

But there’s a small problem. Both Germany and Russia have reservations about his appointment, which could put a damper on his ability to accomplish anything of substance. The job’s been vacant for over a year. Nobody wants it because the Quartet’s Envoy can’t really enforce anything.

So while the world thinks he’s being sent there to negotiate peace, I think it’s more likely that he’ll actually create the conditions for war.