Will My Gay Sister Be Raptured?

Q. I really enjoy the articles and information on this site. I thank God for your wisdom. This site is truly a blessing.

My sister is a believer but is also gay. She has stated to me many times in the past that she has conviction daily. This was in the past. Now a few years later she doesn’t show any remorse or conviction at all. I have 2 young children who love their aunt dearly. Before she (my sister) would never do anything that was in anyway offensive to me or to the girls. Lately, especially after the election, she has been more boisterous about her lifestyle and more distasteful in her language.

She knows my feelings on this but has no regard for anyone. I have disassociated myself from her because I don’t know what to do. I believe we are in the end times and there is such an urgency for all people to get right with God. I love her and will continue to pray for her but am I to not be around her?

Will she be raptured even though not right with God? What, if anything, can I do? I have prayed endlessly about this and know what Jesus would do (love them anyway and forgive them) but every time I start to call or send an email it just doesn’t seem to be right. So I tell myself that God is working on her, on me and all will be well. Thank you for your response in advance.

A. If your sister’s behavior is offensive to you, there’s no Biblical requirement for you to have a relationship with her. You are to love her and pray for her as you are, but you needn’t subject either your children or yourself to her behavior if it’s offensive to you.

Where the Rapture is concerned, the single qualification is the belief that we’re sinners and that Jesus died for our sins. If your sister is born again she’ll go in the Rapture in spite of her behavior, just like the rest of us will go in spite of ours.

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