World Wide Communications?

Q. My question concerns the events of the end times. I have often read how the 2 witnesses and the 2nd coming of Jesus will be seen world wide because of the present day communications such as CNN and other internet technologies that allow people to see real time images. However, these events are either after or during the endtime events that seem to cause massive destruction to the earth and to the inhabitants thereof. It seems to me that there will be such destruction that any infrastructure that would allow a world wide viewing of these events would be impossible. What say you?

A. I think you’re making an assumption that may not be correct.  The anti-Christ will need some kind of world wide communication capabilities to maintain his spin control on events.  And Rev.  11:9-10 says that people from every tribe, language, and nation will gaze upon the dead bodies of the two witnesses.  It certainly seems like some kind of real time video transmission  will be necessary.  It’s my understanding that because of cable and satellite TV ours is the first generation in which such a thing could actually happen.  In other words, no previously available method could have made the prophecy come true.  So if the world is bombed back to the stone age during the Great Tribulation, as some believe, something similar to satellite communications will have to be discovered.

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