End Times Prophecy

The Table of Nations

Published: October 27, 2016 (Originally published: July 2, 2003)
70 grandsons of Noah became the heads of all the nations of the world. Knowing who they are will greatly improve your understanding of current events.

From Adam to Abraham

Published: May 21, 2014 (Originally published: June 30, 2003)
The Gospel in Genesis 5

An In Depth Look at the Modern Equivalent to Biblical Names in Ezek. 38

Published: June 30, 2003 (Originally published: June 30, 2003)

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

Many of the nations we hear about in today’s news existed in ancient times but under different names. By using the ancient names for the countries He prophesied about, the Lord made possible the use of scripture to interpret scripture. Much of the information below can be gained by referencing Genesis 10,

Israel Against the World?

Published: June 30, 2003 (Originally published: June 30, 2003)
Your covenant with death will be annulled; your agreement with the grave will not stand. Isaiah 28:18

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