mp3: 1st & 2nd Thessalonians

I Thessalonians Chapters 1-2

Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians introduced the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church for the first time on Earth. Right off the bat Paul promised the Church would escape all the end times judgments.  Part one covers the introduction, and chapters 1-2. Listen/Download Study


I Thessalonians Chapters 3-4

This is part 2 of our study on 1 Thessalonians and covers chapters  3-4 featuring Paul’s introduction of the doctrine of the rapture of the Church. Listen/Download Study


I Thessalonians Chapter 5

1 Thessalonians part 3 covers chapter 5 and events leading up to the Day of the Lord. Listen/Download Study


2nd Thessalonians

2nd Thessalonians is Paul’s response to a forgery.  It proves once again that he taught them the Rapture would happen before the End times Judgments. Listen/Download Study

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