mp3: 7 Things Series Part 1 – Introduction

Part 1 of the “7 Things” series. 7 of the the most important prophecies in all of scripture will be fulfilled between now and the beginning of eternity. Knowing the circumstances surrounding each one is critical to avoid being deceived.

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  • Kelly Allen

    Great teaching! Would love to have a DVD over this teaching. Is there one or plans to produce one?

    • gracethrufaith

      hi Kelly …
      Sorry … No plans for a DVD. But as you probably know, this study was the basis for a book by the same name. You can buy it through Amazon.

  • elena nash

    Thank you so much Jack,
    For me, this study increases my faith and
    allows me to more clearly understand and “rightly divide the word of truth”.
    It’s really exciting.
    God bless your ministry!