mp3: 7 Things You Must Know to Understand End Times Prophecy

Introduction: 7 Things You Must Know to Understand End Times Prophecy

Part 1 of the “7 Things” series. 7 of the the most important prophecies in all of scripture will be fulfilled between now and the beginning of eternity. Knowing the circumstances surrounding each one is critical to avoid being deceived. Download / Listen to here


The Abomination

Part 2 of the “7 Things” series. A verse-by-verse commentary of the four places where the phrase “Abomination that Causes Desolation” occurs:

Daniel 9:24-27: the famous 70 weeks prophecy,

1 Maccabees: the partial fulfillment in 168 BC,

Matthew 24:15-21: the Lords announcement of the Great Tribulation, and

2 Thes. 2:4: Paul’s description of the event,proving that Daniel’s prophecy could not have been fulfilled in history, but is yet future. Download / Listen to here


The Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 

Part 3 of the “7 Things” series. An up to the minute commentary of the next event on God’s calendar for Israel. Includes the modern names for the nations involved, and insight into the secret cease-fire currently being negotiated between Israel and the PLO, as well as the threats and counter threats over Iran’s soon coming nuclear capability. Download / Listen to here.


The Three Components of Humanity Bible Study

Part 4 of the 7 things You Must Know to Understand End Times Prophecy.In the beginning, there was the family of Man. Then God called Abraham and Humanity became two; Jew and Gentile. At the cross, a new component of Humanity was created; the Church. Now there were three. Over time they’ve come to be known as Israel, the Church, and the Nations. Each has a specific prophetic destiny, different from all the others. Learning this brings keys of understanding that help unlock the mysteries of End Times Prophecy. Download / Listen to here


The Great Tribulation & The Rapture of the Church

Part 5 of the “7 Things” series combines two topics, The Purpose and Length of the Great Tribulation, and The Purpose of the Rapture, to show why the Church will escape all of the Great Tribulation. Download / Listen to here


The Second Coming 

Part 6 of the “7 Things” Series. This Commentary on the Olivet Discourse explains the Lord’s prophecies on the Church Age, the events leading up to His return, and the actual conditions surrounding His Glorious Appearing. It also includes a clear interpretation of the three parables of Matthew 25 showing why they aren’t intended for the Church. Download / Listen to here


 The Millennium & Eternity 

The 7th and final installment in the “7 Things” series. Biblical descriptions of life on Earth after the 2nd coming, the Millennial Temple, and the New Jerusalem, as well as some wild speculation on how Christians will spend eternity. Download / Listen to here

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  • YaYa T

    Awesome lesson and study! Thank you for allowing this study to be free. What an enlightening time spent listening…