mp3: The Book of Mark

Chapter 1

Mark developed his Gospel from notes he had taken as he listened to Peter teach, so this gospel is really Peter’s account.  Part 1 deals with the need for 4 gospels, showing how each was written to a different audience and shows a different side of Jesus, and covers Chapter 1. Listen / Download Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Mark part 2 covers chapter 2  and explains how we’ve totally missed the point on the Lord’s teaching about the Sabbath. Listen / Download Chapter 2


Chapters 3-4

More deliberate healing on the Sabbath, His miraculous work attributed to Satan,  and a clear explanation of what He meant by the parable of the Farmer and the four soils.  Prepare to hear something new in this episode of the Gospel According to Mark! This study covers chapter 3-4:20. Listen / Download Chapters 3-4


Chapters 4-5

Mark Part 4 Covers chapter 4:20 through 5:43 and continues Peter’s account of the Lord’s ministry.  In this session we discuss the Lord calming a storm, delivering a demon possessed man, and the highly symbolic healing of a sick gentile woman while on the way to raising a Jewish girl from the dead. Listen / Download Chapters 4-5


Chapter 6

Mark Part 5 covers chapter 6, another action packed episode in Peter’s account of the Lord’s Earthly ministry.  In chapter 6 the Disciples go out alone for the first time, John the Baptist is beheaded, Jesus feeds the five thousand and walks on water.  An ordinary day for the Lord, but we should be prepared to gain fascinating new insights into these familiar stories. Listen / Download Chapter 6


Chapter 7

In part 6, we’ll explore Mark Chapter 7.  The Lord’s ground breaking teaching on what makes something “clean” versus “unclean”, the incredible faith of the gentile Phonecian woman (she’s the only one in the entire gospel who addressed Him as Lord) ,and the healing of a man both deaf and mute are featured. Listen / Download Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Part 7 in our study of the Gospel of Mark covers chapter 8.  This time we’ll see the feeding of 4,000 and compare it to the earlier feeding of 5,000, a different event.  We’ll also discover why, on only one occasion, the Lord had to make two attempts to heal a blind man.  And we’ll learn that some actions, while well intended and of pure motives, can actually be the work of Satan. Listen / Download Chapter 8


Chapter 9

This mp3 covers chapter 9 through verse 37 and includes a discussion of two of the most remarkable miracles so far in Mark’s Gospel.  First is The Transfiguration.  How could Moses and Elijah appear in their glorified states before the crucifixion?   And in the healing of a demon possessed boy, why couldn’t the disciples heal him?  What was going on between them and the teachers of the Law?  The conclusion is a review of what it means to be a child of God. Listen / Download Chapter 9


Chapters 9-10

Part 9 covers Mark 9:33 through 10:32, and illuminates 6 behavioral characteristics by which we express our gratitude for the free gift of salvation.  In this installment we’re admonished to be humble, tolerant, holy, faithful, trusting and generous.  We’ll also learn how to distinguish true miracles from counterfeit ones. Listen / Download Chapters 9-10


Chapters 10-11

Part 10 Covers Mark 10:32 through the end of chapter 11 and contains  discussions on the healing of Bartimaeus, the triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday, the Temple Cleansing, and the withered fig tree.  Learn why the Lord cursed the fig tree and foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. Listen / Download Chapters 10-11

Chapter 12

This study covers chapter 12 and includes some of the toughest questioning Jesus received in the days before His crucifixion.  As the Passover Lamb, He was being inspected for any spot or blemish that would disqualify Him. Listen / Download Chapter 12


Chapter 13 

Mark Part 12 is the first of a 2 part study on the Olivet Discourse.  Part 1 covers chapter 13 and deals with 3 questions.  When will this (destruction of the Temple) happen?  What will be the sign of your coming? What will be the sign of the End of the Age? Listen / Download Chapter 13


Chapter 13 part 2

The conclusion of our 2 part study on the Olivet Discourse.  The focus of this session is the timing of events of the 2nd Coming, and why the parables of the Two Servants, the 10 Virgins, the Talents, and the Sheep and Goat judgment are not meant for the Church. Listen / Download Chapter 13 part 2


Chapter 14

This study covers the first 51 verses of chapter 14.  It deals with the Lord’s anointing at Bethany, the Last Supper, and His arrest in Gethsemane.  The highlight of the study is our proof that the only day of the week  on which the Lord could have been crucified and still fulfill all of the Passover prophecies is Thursday. Listen /Download Chapter 14


Chapter 14-15

Mark Part 15 begins in chapter 14 verse 53 and continues through chapter 15 verse 20.  In this study we take a look at the 6 trials Jesus endured, reading the relevant passages from all four gospels.  We’ll see the many inconsistencies in these trials, the complete denial of due process, and the officials’ illegal efforts to legally justify their pre-determined verdict of Guilty. Listen / Download Chapter 14-15


Chapter 15 part 2

Part 16 covers Mark 15:21 through the end of the chapter and is focused on the crucifixion, death and burial of the Lord.  Once again we look at these events as recorded in all four gospels to get the entire story. Listen / Download Chapter 15 part 2


Chapter 16

Mark part 17  covers chapter 16 and is all about the Resurrection.  Once again we review all four gospel accounts of what is arguably the most important event in all of human history. Download Chapter 16


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