mp3: The Book of Revelation Chapter 5

Witness the greatest real estate transaction in history. How did Satan gain control of the world and how did Jesus get it back? Also, the church’s first worship service in Heaven.

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  • Elizabeth Salvatore

    I have completed the 1st 4 chapters of Revelation. And the part I have found the most helpful so far, is the history associated with the times of when Revelation was written and associating with different explanations of why things are written the way they are, for the Book of Revelation. I feel as though I have a very clear and accurate picture of what John is saying to us, and why he said it as he did. It helps to put it all into perspective and historical context. Which I like, as it paints a picture that is more accurate and easier to understand.

    I like how your audio lessons give recorded history, throughout all the studies, alongside what we read to show how history lines up with the Bible.