mp3: The Letter to the Hebrews Chapters 5-6

Chapters 5-6

In this study, we continue to demolish incorrect interpretations and show why Hebrews 6, when viewed in its proper context, is not about losing one’s salvation.  In fact it’s not about salvation at all.

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  • Ben

    Hi Jack,

    When you said “we aren’t called to door knock”, are you certain? I ask because of Jesus’ request for the disciples to go door-to-door and dust their feet as a testimony against the people that didn’t receive them. Does that apply to disciples of today, or only the 12?

    I’ve been saved three years, the first year I learned the Bible through God alone. I had fruit and I just waited for God to open doors to speak to people and He did. The past two years I’ve attended church and the movement is very big on going to people and trying to get them to listen. I’ve always struggled with forcing Christ in this way, but I just figured that my heart must be wrong. I’m still not convinced my heart isn’t wrong!

    Sharing Christ used to be a source of joy and I used to do it in the strength of Christ alone, where now it seems to be a heavy burden and a work of the flesh alone.

    • gracethrufaith

      As I read Matt. 10:1-16 I don’t see any “door-to-door” evangelism. But I think you’ve answered your own question. when you let the Lord arrange your encounters and guide your discussions it was a source of joy. Now it’s a work of the flesh and a heavy burden. See the difference?

      • Ben

        Thank you for the reply. I think I’m beginning to see 🙂

  • Jeffrey Ford

    LORD bless you brother!