Prophecy In The Headlines

Headlines From Today, 07-22-16

In Matt. 24:4-11, Mark 13:5-8, and Luke 21:8-11 Jesus identified a number of signs that would point to the approaching end of the age. He specifically named false messiahs, wars and rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, pestilence, persecution, apostasy, false prophets and signs from heaven.  Some of these will appear sooner than others but as the end approaches we’ll see more of them and they’ll appear more frequently and with greater intensity.

Here is a  sampling of headlines appearing around the world that reveal some of these Signs Of The Times in today’s news reports. We try to choose stories your nightly newscasters aren’t covering but that show the direction the world is heading.  Click on the headline to read the complete article.


Turkey and Erdogan: Here Comes the (real) Caliphate

 Russian warplanes reportedly bombed US base in Syria

IOM: Nearly 3,000 Dead Crossing Mediterranean This Year

134 Children Are Dying Every Day in Nigeria From Malnutrition Due to Boko Haram, UNICEF Warns

25,000 South Sudanese refugees flee into Uganda

Headlines From Yesterday

Erdogan to world leaders: Mind your own business

Preparing for War: Russian citizens stocking up on essential supplies fearing conflict with the West looms

Japan Orders Hundreds Of Missiles, Helicopters, As China Flexes Muscles

Thousands of Muslims Converting to Christianity in Bangladesh Despite Rising Persecution

Palestinian organization blasts latest Hamas death sentences