Prophecy In The Headlines

Headlines From Today, 10-21-16

In Matt. 24:4-11, Mark 13:5-8, and Luke 21:8-11 Jesus identified a number of signs that would point to the approaching end of the age. He specifically named false messiahs, wars and rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, pestilence, persecution, apostasy, false prophets and signs from heaven.  Some of these will appear sooner than others but as the end approaches we’ll see more of them and they’ll appear more frequently and with greater intensity.

Here is a  sampling of headlines appearing around the world that reveal some of these Signs Of The Times in today’s news reports. We try to choose stories your nightly newscasters aren’t covering but that show the direction the world is heading.  Click on the headline to read the complete article.


Israel looks to buy three new nuke-capable subs – report

‘46% of Palestinians support Jordanian-Palestinian confederation based on two states’

Millions of Indian debit cards ‘compromised’ in security breach

Niger: Thousands of Children Suffering from Severe Malnutrition

The mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ might be causing the whole solar system to wobble

Headlines From Yesterday

Netanyahu worries of possible US anti-settlement action at UN

Iran steps up weapons supply to Yemen’s Houthis via Oman – officials

Russian naval deployment to Syria ‘largest since Cold War’

US deploys 3,500-strong armored brigade to S. Korea amid mounting tensions with North

US warns ‘overwhelming’ response to any NKorea use of nukes