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In 2012, we began repairing and expanding existing homes, and even building new ones, for families in a nearby community who lack adequate living space. By the end of 2013 we had completed 29 building projects of various sizes. They range from new roofs to entire two and three bedroom homes all at no cost to the people involved, and have kept a crew of four carpenters working full time for two full years.  Below are some typical before and after pictures.  It’s hard to believe that so many people live like this only one hour south of San Diego.


The roof on this house rotted away long ago, and even the tarps this family put up to stop the leaking are rotting away.

If you look closely you can see some old tires placed on the roof to keep the tarps from blowing away.


These people built this little berm so water wouldn’t flow right through their home when it rains. The barrels are for storing water for washing.

The few people who have washing machines usually keep them outside because most don’t have indoor plumbing.



Although it’s made out of used garage doors, this is not someone’s abandoned garage.  It’s a house in which people live.  One room, leaky walls and roof, and no windows.


This one is actually in pretty good shape.  It needs a new roof but the walls are made of cement blocks and seem to be sound.


Above and below are two examples of complete homes we’ve built.  They’re about 600 square feet and have either two or three bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and bath.

They are bigger and nicer than most of the homes in the community.



We built this addition to give the family some living area in their formerly one room house.


Here’s an example of a new roof we put on an existing house. We usually have to tear the whole top of the house off and replace the roof rafters and sub roof before we can install the new one.



 We built this house for a grandmother and grand son who were living in a little shack they made out of scrap wood and cardboard, with a dirt floor.

That’s the Pacific Ocean in the background. A ten thousand dollar house with a million dollar view.



This started out to be just a roofing job,  but there was so much rotting in the walls from years of leaking that they weren’t strong enough to support a new roof.

By the time were finished it had become a whole new house inside and out.