Frustrated With God

Q.  I am so frustrated with God, I have been praying for years now, my family and friends too, to save my marriage.  Last night i was talking to my husband again, meanwhile I am praying for God to intervene. He just will not. Nothing. My husband is moving out, he is done, and I stand here helpless.  Where is God?  He is able to move mountains, he can do anything he wants, and if he loves me, why does he not answer my prayers.  I know it is his will we don’t divorce so why is he not stopping this.  Why is he not helping me?

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Does God Create Every Human Being?

Q.  I love your ministry and rely upon many of the questions and answers to search the Scriptures for direction. My question concerns our existence. Does GOD create every human being, even those who are not “perfect” by human standards, or did He create Adam and Eve and the rest of us exist via Adam and Eve’s procreation because of the fall when we were no longer made in the image of GOD but of Adam? Can you give some Biblical support for your response?

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The Blackened Sun And The Blood Red Moon

Q.  I have always presumed the book of Revelation is chronological from chapter 5 forward. If, the “blood moon” in Rev 6 is the sign to the beginning of the Great Tribulation does this mean that Rev 6 is a summary of the wrath God?  Because it appears to me that the Great Tribulation begins after Rev 12.  Is this correct?

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Home Improvement Ministry home improvement ministry

In 2012, we began repairing and expanding existing homes, and even building new ones, for families in a nearby community who lack adequate living space. By the end of 2013 we had completed 29 building projects of various sizes. They range from new roofs to entire two and three bedroom homes all at no cost to the people involved, and have kept a crew of four carpenters working full time for two full years.  Below are some typical before and after pictures.  It’s hard to believe that so many people live like this only one hour south of San Diego.


The roof on this house rotted away long ago, and even the tarps this family put up to stop the leaking are rotting away.

If you look closely you can see some old tires placed on the roof to keep the tarps from blowing away.


These people built this little berm so water wouldn’t flow right through their home when it rains. The barrels are for storing water for washing.

The few people who have washing machines usually keep them outside because most don’t have indoor plumbing.



Although it’s made out of used garage doors, this is not someone’s abandoned garage.  It’s a house in which people live.  One room, leaky walls and roof, and no windows.


This one is actually in pretty good shape.  It needs a new roof but the walls are made of cement blocks and seem to be sound.


Above and below are two examples of complete homes we’ve built.  They’re about 600 square feet and have either two or three bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and bath.

They are bigger and nicer than most of the homes in the community.



We built this addition to give the family some living area in their formerly one room house.


Here’s an example of a new roof we put on an existing house. We usually have to tear the whole top of the house off and replace the roof rafters and sub roof before we can install the new one.



 We built this house for a grandmother and grand son who were living in a little shack they made out of scrap wood and cardboard, with a dirt floor.

That’s the Pacific Ocean in the background. A ten thousand dollar house with a million dollar view.



This started out to be just a roofing job,  but there was so much rotting in the walls from years of leaking that they weren’t strong enough to support a new roof.

By the time were finished it had become a whole new house inside and out.

Should We Build A New Home?

Q.  Re:  The Last Christmas?  In your recent post about the possibility of this being the last Christmas as we know it, you stated “The coming rapture should be energizing the body of Christ and causing a massive reorientation of our priorities,  yet current polls indicate that over 90% of us are still focused on the secular world…….”

My wife and I are devout Christians eagerly awaiting the Lord’s return and our rapture  – yet we are planning on building a new home, the Lord willing, sometime in 2014.  Do we have our priorities wrong?  We are active Christians, read and study the Bible.  I am active in prophecy study and discussions with others and eager to learn more.  We are active in a home Bible study group.  I believe the Rapture could happen in the near future, so how should I conduct my life?  Am I part of the 90% you mention above by planning this project?

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Can He Leave Me For Not Being Submissive Enough?

Q.  My husband basically told me he wanted a separation and for my 2 yr old daughter and I to find someplace to live because I am not “surrendering in everything he directs.”  He says he has a right to separate me because I am not following the Bible- being totally submissive. Any thought is greatly appreciated!

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mp3: The Olivet Discourse Part 2

The Abomination of Desolation, the flight from Jerusalem, the general sequence, and clues to the possible timing of the 2nd Coming. Part 2 of our 3 part series on “The End Times According To Jesus”.

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A North American Kingdom?

Q.  With all the talk of amnesty and removing the southern border of the US what is your take on the Prez. trying to set up the North American kingdom for the end times 10 kingdoms of the world?

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The Kingdom Is Within You

Q.  What exactly did Jesus mean when he replied “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you?” (Luke 17:20-21)

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