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  • The Levitical Feasts And Prophecy

    I enjoy your answers to many questions as they are word and wisdom based. In Leviticus the Lord gave the Israelites various feasts to observe. There is the first feast which a lamb is offered. Second feast is a wave offering of first fruits,then the feast of Pentecost 40 days later and so on.

    What I would like say is I believe Christ has fulfilled some of these feasts exactly and the next feast is to be observed is to be celebrated with the blowing of trumpets,which I think is sometime in September.

    We don’t know which September but could I be correct in my theory?

  • Worthy To Escape

    Would you be kind enough to explain Luke 21:36? I am a born again Christian depending on what Christ sacrificed on the cross for me. I do not believe I am worthy to escape what is soon to happen, except for Christ in me, He alone is worthy. I am confused as to why it states in Luke 21:36 to pray always that I may be worthy to escape.

  • Please Help Me

    For a very long time now every area in my life has been touched with adversity. I’m in my mid 50’s and still waiting for a mate. I am tormented by temptation so much of the time. My financial situation has plummeted. My health also. Now I just lost my job. I am currently searching for a new church and for ministry to get involved in.

    I feel very very displaced in all areas of my life. I feel like Hannah did – I’ve cried out to the Lord. I have others praying for me. I asked the Lord “show me Lord what you want me to know”. I ‘felt’ like the Lord was giving me the scripture “My Grace is sufficient for you”.

    I have surrendered my life to the Lord 100% but everything upon everything is just falling apart. I just don’t understand. I feel rejected by God when I see all the people I know moving on with their lives and here I am stuck in a hole (or so it seems) for so many years. Can you help me with this?


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