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Today's Bible Q&A

  • Falling Away In Testing?

    I have a question regarding the parable of the seed sower in Luke 8:5-9. The group mentioned in the third example, those who accept it then fall away in testing is the one that gets to me. Who are they, and what does it mean? I thought one could not fall away and believe it. But sometimes I fall into sin and this part comes up and I get worried.

  • Present With The Lord

    Will you please explain II Corinthians 5:6-8. Does this mean when a believer dies he is going to be immediately present with the Lord?

  • First To The Jews

    I have a quick question concerning to the Jew first. Jesus commanded his disciples to only witness to the Jews at the beginning of his ministry. We see in Acts Paul also went to the synagogues first before sharing the gospel with the gentiles. Do you feel this is an example we all should follow, to share with Jews first and then to gentiles if we cannot reach or find any Jews? I have a fuzzy idea why Jesus and Paul did this, but any ideas you might have as to why the Jew first would be greatly appreciated.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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Job’s Story: Part 2, Job 3-14

The Lord said to Job, “Would you discredit my justice? Would you condemn me to justify yourself?” -Job 40:8

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The Lord said to Job, “Would you discredit my justice? Would you condemn me to justify yourself?”
-Job 40:8

Our Outreach Work

India Outreach – Children’s Church!

It’s official! We’ve begun a Children’s Church for the tribe we’ve been serving in India. Our Spring Bible School outreach was such a success, the tribe asked us to keep coming every week to minister to the children. After much prayer, we’re moving forward!

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Bible Stories for Adults

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Volumes I &II, Old and New Testament stories.
Jack published the Old Testament stories in 2004, and by the time he was ready to ready to publish the New Testament stories, he wanted to release them in one volume.

Now, I am so blessed to present to you Jack’s teachings on the children’s stories in the Bible. In this new book, including Volumes I and II—the Old Testament and New Testament—you’ll discover how the language, customs, and culture of biblical times will help you grow in a more mature understanding of these timeless children’s stories. I’m excited for you! The details and symbolism of these stories are about to make the Word of God come alive in your heart. Prepare to have your faith strengthened as you grow closer to the Lord.
♥ Samantha Kelley

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The Book of Daniel

Daniel’s story is like none other. Taken hostage to Babylon as a teenager, he rose to become chief adviser to two world leaders, Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar and Media-Persia’s King Darius.