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Friday, May 27th

Is God In Control, Follow Up

Q. When you say that you don’t think the Bible supports the “God is in control” idea in the universal sense, you are saying that God is caught off guard when bad weather happens and the people of earth are subject to chance or luck. I will agree with you that that is true in a limited sense but only when you are talking about non believers. In a “limited sense” I believe there is no chance or luck in a believers life and the evil one can only have the control the Father lets him have. So you believe that God just sits back and lets things happen and only gets involved when He wants to use natural events to make a point?

Are You Sure About OSAS?

Q. I’m struggling with trying to understand and accept the idea of willfully, consciously sinning and still being saved. For example, if someone decides to commit adultery, or hurt a child sexually, or kill an unfaithful wife, you’ve explained that they’re still going to heaven if they have previously accepted the truth of Jesus Christ as Son of God and their Savior, Redeemer. It seems to go against every moral, spiritual conduct to have no eternal consequence in choosing to do the above. I understand they’ll have earthly consequences (jail, remorse, etc.), but are we sure that God will give entrance to heaven to a soul who chose to bring death to others?

Praying For The Salvation Of Another

Q. I have a list with the names of people (my family,my friends, and people I came to like) and I pray for their salvation regularly. I put this list before the Lord and pray for them as it comes from my heart. But I have a few questions about this kind of prayer. My first question is, does it make any difference if the person for whom I pray lives far from me, on another continent and doesn’t even know me very well? My other question is, how can I make the prayer for a person’s salvation the most effective?

Thursday, May 26th

What Did The Lord Mean By That?

Q. I have been reading Matthew’s Gospel and came across this verse – “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven” Matthew 10:32-33. Is this referring to people who deny Christ full stop or those who refuse to witness? In light of this how would this affect their salvation?

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