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Monday, October 5th

Using I AM to Get Stuff

Q. Hi Jack, I’m disturbed by something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and I was wondering if you could give me your input on it. There is a book that has been around for a while, that essentially tells you to say I AM, followed by whatever “stuff” you want, like money, position, etc.
I’m seeing tons of people not only promoting this teaching, but the book as well. I know that using I AM this way is wrong. But how do I speak to these people about this when some of them are having success they directly attribute to this practice? As always, thank you for your site and for answering my questions.

Sunday, October 4th

More Gap Theory Questions

Q. Question about the gap theory? Exodus 20:11 states that heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them was created in six days. Wouldn’t this include the angels and Satan? The Garden of Eden?
Wasn’t Satan in the garden of eden at some point in the creation drama? How could he have fallen and been judged and still be the anointed cherub and present in the garden of Eden before his fall.
God said that his creation was GOOD. It was good with a fallen and judged angel hanging around?? That doesn’t make sense to me.
I just recently found your site and have enjoyed your Revelation studies. I just can’t go along with the gap theory though. Why is it needed? It provides nothing and calls God’s word into question.

An Atheist Comment On Prayer

Q. I was reading something and an atheist made a somewhat good point, and I want to know how to respond it. On the issue of prayer, God responds yes, no, or wait. The atheist said that with this, no matter what you pray to you are going to get the same response. That saying ‘it is in God’s plan’ is an illusion. If what you pray for actually comes it is a coincidence. He continues to say: “People who pray die at the same rate as people who don’t people who pray win the lottery just as often as people who don’t. And that prayer has no effect on events.

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