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Monday, May 2nd

Is Lucifer Satan?

Q. I was referred to your website from a friend and was reviewing some of your answers to your readers as well looking through your book. In one of your answers and in your book Children’s Stories of the Bible (The Adult Version) you state that Satan is Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12. I was rather shocked at this because the word Lucifer is not in any manuscript.
I have copied a quick study on this from a scholar that I read and would like to share with you. After you review this, please explain to me how and why you believe Lucifer is Satan and how that name is used when it is not in any manuscript? I would like a different opinion on this so I know all sides.

On Spiritual Warfare

Q. I have a question concerning what is meant by the phrase “spiritual warfare” ? Are the angels still loyal to God engaged in actual combat with the ones who fell with Satan? I understand that the important thing in being a Christian is following the teaching of Christ, but when I read about things such as this I can’t help but be curious.
Thanks for your time and your website! It continues to be a great tool in my Bible studies.
God bless.

Sunday, May 1st

Should I Be Baptized Again?

Q. I was raised in a Reformed Church that subscribed to infant baptism. My parents had me so baptized at age 5. I always felt this was proper based on my understanding of the doctrine of covenant theology that says infants should be baptized, they way infants were circumcised, prior to faith (Acts 2: 39). I am a believer of many years and my wife and I recently decided to become members (covenant partners) at a non-denominational baptist background church we have attended for 3 years. Now I am told I can not become a member without a baptism of immersion. I know the points or arguments for both. I feel my baptism was sure, based on the character and integrity of God. What do you advise?

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