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Saturday, November 28th

Increasing My Fruits

Q. Although 49, I am a “babe” in Christ as I was reborn last June. I have a question please. I was listening to a talk show about the Rapture in which the Speaker talked about all the raptured believers getting their reward for bearing fruit based on 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. What will happen to someone, like me, who is newly reborn and has hardly any fruits at all? I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to increase my fruits.

How Can I Know The Holy Spirit Is In Me?

Q. I’ve been a believer since I was little and now I’m having trouble because after a life changing experience I’ve realized that in the past I may not have believed it in my heart after all. I have problems knowing if the Holy Spirit is guiding me. I’ve always felt bad when sinning because I knew it was wrong, but there have been times in my life when I sinned knowingly and didn’t care. Since I didn’t care, was I saved?

Protocol For Prayer?

Q. Would you please address the proper order of prayer? I realize that there was a proper order (or to use the secular term “protocol”) that was observed in the Temple worship. Does a proper order also apply to our prayers? All during the day, I find myself just talking with either God or Jesus without much formality, very much like I talk with my best friends here on earth. Is this being disrespectful to who God and Jesus are? They are too important to me to ever be disrespectful to who they are and what they have done for me.

Friday, November 27th

To Give Or Not To Give

Q. There is some confusion among my husband and me and some of our close friends over the meaning of 2 Cor 9:8-9. All of us believe in tithing and practice it, plus we all give above the tithe to other ministries. Some of us believe it says we should give to everyone who ask us for money no matter what. Others say we should try to be discerning in who we give money to. We all want to be generous. If we do not give to everyone who ask us for money or financial support, are we being disobedient to this scripture?

A Closer Walk With Thee

Q. I really don’t know how to word this question. I accidentally came across your website while searching for facts on a movie. I was surfing around, I came across this website, and maybe there was a reason, who knows.
My question is this. I was raised Catholic but I like the way Christianity goes about preaching the Word of God to its followers better. It makes sense to me the few times I have been to a Christian church and I can apply it to my everyday life easier.
I am 37, married with a beautiful 10 month old son. When I see people or hear of people who are “born again” it seems they all have turning points in their life that helped them establish their commitment to God.
What if you don’t have anything tragic going on in your life? I am happy with my life and my family and would never change a thing, but I have this desperate feeling that I need God in my life in a deeper way and I feel kinda helpless because I don’t know how to accomplish it.
I know that may sound strange, but is it as simple as saying to God that you put your faith in him as your savior and that’s all their is to it? Seems like that is too easy. Not like I am expecting some feeling of self cleansing or something, but after reading all these tragic pivotal moments in people’s lives who have been born again, I wondered what if you don’t have tragedy in your life as a pivotal decision making point?
I cannot explain this in words, but I honestly feel I have an ability to touch people in ways that most people cannot. I have always felt that I am supposed to do something in my life that affects many people in a positive way. I haven’t discovered it yet, but I know the day will come. A part of me feels very connected to God, but another part feels like I am on the outside looking in. What happens to someone that is different when they finally make the commitment to accept the Lord as their Savior? All these people with these pivotal moments in their life, what changes the day after they put their faith in God? How did they do it? Just say it?
Maybe I am looking for something more than is necessary, who knows. This message might not make sense, it is hard to put into words, but if nothing else it helps put my thoughts and feeling in writing. Thanks for giving me that chance.

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