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Sunday, October 23rd

Worthy Of Being Saved?

Q. I have a question about something you wrote that the law of double jeopardy isn’t a man made law. Tell me where in the Bible this comes in to play? I do think one needs to live (ultimately) to present our bodies a living sacrifice. Revelation says that Jesus is coming back for a spotless, perfect church. I realize no one is perfect, but we must strive towards the goal. I don’t want to live and say “Yes I sinned Lord, but I accepted you as my savior before that so that’s null and void.”

Why would he say in Matthew that many will come to me saying Lord, Lord; I have done many miracles and wonders in His name, but His response is turn away from me you workers of iniquity? I think we need to always bear in mind the Lord. For as Paul wrote, there is but one sacrifice for us, lest it be like we sacrifice him twice, which is not possible. He was warning us of falling away.

If even after we accept the Lord we sin, we must still repent, right?

In the end who am I to judge another’s beliefs? I cannot judge lest i also be judged.

My ultimate goal is to reach souls, and give my testimony of how the Lord delivered my husband and myself from certain death. I want to walk worthy of the calling. I apologize, if i seem offensive. I’m wanting to seek truth.


Job Application Or Not?

Q. My hubby and I have an argument going like this. I feel it is wrong for a church to have a perspective worship team member, nursery worker, etc…to have to fill out a application form like when applying when one is looking for a job? My hubby says it is perfectly okay.

I have seen the apps and they ask about your past. Well, what if you were an alcoholic (like our pastor used to be) and then became born again and the Lord took the addiction away. Why should they have to put that down? Is it any of our business? I realize in today’s world we need to be careful but I thought the church was a different place than the world. Please answer this one!

Saturday, October 22nd

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