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Saturday, July 30th

Conflict Between Grace And Holiness

Q. I have an on-going battle or conflict in reconciling the doctrines of grace and forgiveness with the call to holiness (1 Peter 1:15,16 – But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”) I understand that even that work needs to be exacted by the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. It’s just so easy to fall into legalism. Do you have any insights?

I’m leading a study using AW Tozer’s book The Pursuit of God. Tozer deals with some pretty heavy things in our lives that rival God’s rightful place, covetousness, self-life, etc. My apprehension, now that we’re on the 3rd chapter, is that the group may not agree with his approach – heavy on the experiential as opposed to the positional-only stance of being in the presence of God. Are you familiar with this author and book?

I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your family. Peace!

Why Did The Officials Need Judas?

Q. Great site, thanks for all your insight.

I have a follow-up query about Judas. It would seem from the gospels that during Jesus’ ‘travels’ he came across many of the Jewish leaders , Pharisees, etc, and in fact was questioned and tested by them on several occasions. As they considered Jesus to be a threat to them, they possibly also had ‘spies’ keeping track of where Jesus was and what he was doing. In light of this I have often wondered why they needed Judas to ‘identify’ Jesus and tell the guards/officials where he was so they could arrest him, as surely they already knew what he looked like and where he could be found?

Will God Punish Me For Praying To Jesus?

Q. I have always felt very close to Jesus as if He is always sitting right beside me.

When I think of God, he seems further away somehow. I look at Him as I do my earthly father who is stern and strict. I always address 99 % of my prayers to Jesus, even though I love God, I don’t feel that same one on one connection. I am afraid that he is going to punish me for this, but I don’t know how to change my way of feeling this way.

I have been listening to all your mp3 studies and they kind of make me understand a little why I feel this way. I take them as we are all children of God, but He will be concerned more with his covenant people than the Church. When the final judgment comes, will we be united with God and his covenant people on Earth, or will we still be in the New Jerusalem hovering above?

Friday, July 29th

Glorified Bodies

Q. First, I very much enjoy your answers and appreciate the time you spend composing them for us. As a scientist, I’m surrounded by staunch skeptics, agnostics, and fiery atheists all day everyday, and it is refreshing to see that many people out there have the same questions that I do and that there are answers to be found. I love the answers you give and hope you’ll continue.

My question is this:
Out of the words of just about every end times book or even the mouths of many end times scholars, I’m always hearing a lot about what our glorified bodies will be like or how we’ll know everything or how we’ll “travel at the speed of thought” through space and time or…etc.

Is all this just imagination and hopeful creative conjecture or is there some biblical basis for it? I wouldn’t be disappointed if it IS in fact imagination since if it is we’re likely underestimating its grandeur, but I would like to see where these people get their ideas – yourself included. All that I’ve found is that Christ, after His resurrection, came and went as he pleased, but I think I must be missing something somewhere.

Is The Church Bound By Jewish Feasts?

Q. Is the Church bound by Jewish Feast Days? When it comes to Prophecy, can the Rapture really be just any old day? Pentecost and Feast of Trumpets are the 2 most popular Feasts that most Experts debate over.

I love Feast Days because it allows believers a target to anticipate for the Rapture. Jesus says “I come at an hour you think not.” Some say that means Christ’s Appearing on a Sabbath which the Jews would never allow. Could it just mean He is coming just any old day out of the blue?

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