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Friday, October 21st

Gap Theory Questions

Q. I always thought of the first 2 verses of Genesis as describing Earth in its early stages of development. But you say they don’t, that a gap of time between the first two verses hints that the Earth was created much earlier, that Satan and the angels came to be then, and that there was a great judgment that destroyed the Earth. How can this be? And what about all the fossils? Did they happen back before Genesis? Doesn’t Romans 5 say that sin and death entered the Earth with Adam?

Deliver Me From Thoughts Of Cheating

Q. My entire life, I have never cheated on anyone. Not a girlfriend, not anyone. I have been married for a little over 3 years, and now I constantly wrestle with wanting to cheat. Even though the sex has declined in my marriage over the past year, I am still very happy with my wife. I am, however, getting sick of always having the thought of cheating enter my head, whether I am awake or asleep.

I just want it to stop. My second problem is related to the first. I find that since the sex has declined, I view pornography more. I feel bad sometimes, but when I do view it, it seems to quench the cheating urge for a little while. Am I just fooling myself with this idea?

Thursday, October 20th

Can I Really Know I’m Saved?

Q. Here is my question to you. We are all sinners, and though I thank God every day for all he has provided me, and beg him to not leave me, how do I know when all is said and done and I am standing before God he will not say to me, “Be gone! I know you not.” Several of us were talking about this and I thought I would ask you. We do believe that Jesus is the son of God made man that came to earth and died for our sins that we may know everlasting life in heaven. It is only by the blood of Jesus washing us clean that we can ever hope to stand before God the father and hope and pray he tells us welcome. So there you have it. Can you help?

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