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Friday, January 20th

Is The USA In Bible Prophecy?

Q. I have a hard time believing that we can’t see the USA in prophecy. This country is way too influential and center stage/unique to overlook and to ignore these facts is like being blinded to a major truth. It also seems possible that this country could represent the great whore in the bible, because of the trade, commerce intertwining with the other countries and I wonder if this is the place that will be mourned at some point because of destruction, either financial ruin or other destruction. In other words, I think that this country could be the new Babylon.

More On The USA In Prophecy

Q. I was reading on another Christian web site some of the reasons why the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. One reason is that the US could have such an economic collapse that we wouldn’t be considered a world power any longer. Also possibly Russia or Iran might attack us with EMP weapons prior to their attack on Israel to prevent us from aiding Israel. Then there’s the possibility that the Rapture would have such a devastating effect on the US we would no longer be considered a world power.

I’ve looked around your web site and don’t seem to find any information on what you think might be the reason the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. Could you please discuss what you think is the reason(s) we are not mentioned in Bible prophecy?

Thursday, January 19th

Was Jesus A Carpenter?

Q. My husband told me today that he was watching some rerun of a news show on the internet and a “biblical scholar” (who, I don’t know) said that Jesus and Joseph weren’t necessarily carpenters. The original language of the Bible said they “worked with their hands” and that could mean mason, carpenter… Do you know what the correct translation is? I think my husband feels that our Bible translations can’t be trusted if the original translators didn’t get it right. Thank you so much!

Three Temples Or Four?

Q. I am struggling with the 3rd temple predictions. When I read your articles it all seems clear in my mind, but when I check against other peoples opinions (all from on-line sources), I get jumbled again.

One theory I read stated that there could be a fourth temple. Soon after Ezekiel’s war a 3rd temple is built with MOST people predicting it will be in Jerusalem, on or near the Temple Mount. Could the possibility exist that the Temple Ezekiel describes in 40 really be a 4th temple built for the Millennial Kingdom, by the Lord in Shiloh, which would validate a 3rd temple built by the Jews proceeding Messiah’s return being completely destroyed in the great earthquake after Armageddon? What am I missing, or just not grasping?

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