Old Testament Heroes?


Reading the Old Testament, I wonder how God could call these men good. There isn’t one of them that doesn’t break His law and usually in a profound way. Take David (A man after God’s own heart) for instance; He not only broke the commandments about covetousness and adultery, but murder as well. Yet God honored Him highly. Oh yes I know David’s heart was for God, yet I read of no sacrifices from David for atonement. Am I missing something about the Law and the great men of the Bible? What is a person to think?


A person is to think that even though all these men were flawed, sinful men, God could still use them for His purpose, and when they accomplished His purpose it pleased Him. We should think if God could use them He can use us as well. Because they were no better or worse than we are.

Sacrifice for sin was a requirement for the people to be in fellowship with God. These sacrifices were performed twice daily by the priests, not by the individuals themselves. In Psalm 51:16-17, David spoke of offering something better than a sacrifice. He offered a broken and contrite heart, and God accepted it.