Letting My Light Shine

Q. I am really struggling with mental attacks, can you please keep me in your prayers? What I am struggling with is how do I let my light shine before men? When I am with non-believers whether family or co-workers I don’t know how to witness and when I don’t I come under condemnation.

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Ignoring Family And Friends

Q. I have a Christian friend who says that we are not to have anything to do with friends or family who are not believers. He said we are to ignore them. I know we are to leave family and everything and follow Christ, but are we suppose to ignore and have nothing to do with them? What is Bible doctrine on this?

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Cursing Israel

Q. A thought has occurred to me…If Christians are saved by grace, and sealed with the Holy Spirit, what about “Christians” who curse Israel? Some mainline Protestants seem to blame Israel for all the world’s problems. Their anti-semitic rants must rile the Lord. Would Gen. 12:3 apply?

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Is The Rapture Still 300 Years Away?

Q. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your website. I pray for you, that you always teach God’s Truth with love in your heart. Thank you for so kindly answering my questions. I have another:

Today (a writer on another website) said that in Ezekiel God promised the Jews that in 3 days they would get their kingdom back and a thousand years is as a day and this was in about 600 BC so we’re halfway thru the 2nd millenium and the 3rd will be the promised millenium after the Tribulation – I think I’m explaining that right – so he says there should be about 300 more years til the rapture.

I like his articles, he seems like a knowledgeable and sincere Christian – I’m just a common saint. I look to people like you who are more learned than I to explain scripture – and I’ve read a lot of your articles including the ones about why the rapture is imminent. What do you make of what he said. His thinking is flawed, right? Could you explain why he’s wrong?

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A Question About Ezekiel 39:2

Q. I have been studying Ezekiel 38 & 39. I have noticed that in 39:2 the King James translation says “and leave the sixth part of thee”. I do not see this in any of my other translations. Why do the other translations not give this information or why does the King James have this information in it? No one has address this in any of the books I have read. I would like to know your thought on this.

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Abraham And God In Genesis 15

Q. In Genesis 15 – why did Abraham do the following:

15:10 but the birds divided he not.
15:11 And when the fowls came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away.
15:12 And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him.
15:13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years.

Why did all these happen?

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Controlling My Thoughts

Q. Does God know the intentions of my thoughts, meaning does he know where they originated from? I guess a better question is can I know? I get some very very terrible thoughts that come into my mind often, and sometimes think that I must want them to come in. I love the Lord and I really want these thoughts to stop.

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Mansions For All?

Q. I have a question that’s been on my mind lately concerning Heaven and our mansion that’s mentioned in John 14:2. I was taught that this verse means each of us will have our own personal mansion. What does that say about our earthly family, particularly my wife. Will she have her own mansion? I know that the Bible tells us that there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven but can you explain to me how our lives will be in heaven if we’re all in separate mansions? What, if any, kind of social atmosphere will exist? Praising our Lord will be one activity, but will there be others as well?

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