Why Was Enoch’s Book Excluded

Q. I was reading your answer to the question: How Can Angels And Humans Have Children? I looked up the Book of Enoch. Very Interesting. Can you tell why it wasn’t included in the Bible?

Also, I was discussing this with my husband, and he said Enoch came from Cain, so I thought maybe that is why it wasn’t included, but then I was looking in Genesis, and it seems as though there are two men named Enoch in the Bible, one indeed from Cain, but the other from Jared (Seth’s side). Genesis 4 and 5 can cause some confusion if a person isn’t really paying attention. So many parallels in names: Methusael (from Mehujael)-Methuselah (from Enoch) ; Lamech (from Methusael) -Lamech (from Methuselah) ; Enoch(from Cain)-Enoch(from Jared).

I guess I am asking about this point to make sure I understand correctly, these are six different people? Do you know which Enoch the Book of Enoch came from? Thank you.

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Sheep And Goats

Q. I have been reading your messages and very blessed. Thank God for using you to spread His word to prepare believers waiting in anticipation of His coming.

Regarding the Parable of the sheep and the goat. This is my understanding: The sheep refers to friends of Israel. The goats refer to non-friends of Israel. The world is divided into two camps, one is nations for Israel, the other is nations against Israel. What do you think?


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The 10 Virgins Revisited

Q. If you believe that the parable of the 10 virgins speaks about a time on Earth just after the 2nd Coming, then why in, verse 13 did Jesus say, “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son Of Man Cometh.” It sounds to me like a warning about the 2nd coming.

Also If the oil here were a symbol of the spirit of God how or why would they think another Christian could give them part of their spirit? And what would make the wise think the foolish could go and buy their salvation (spirit of God) from those who sell it? But here they went to those who sell to buy oil and did buy it and came back to be with the Bridegroom (Jesus). Do you know where you can go and buy the spirit of God for your salvation? If so why did Jesus die?

Oil is a source of both food and fuel. If the oil here is symbolic for food and fuel then the story works. If you notice, the foolish did go and buy oil. But Jesus said he didn’t know them. So if the oil were the spirit of God, Jesus would have to know them.

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Three Views On Earth’s Creation

Q. I read a commentary about the book of Genesis and it says that there are three interpretation as to the age of the earth; 1. that the earth was created 7000 thousand years ago according to the genealogy in the bible literally in 7 days 2. That the earth was created millions of years ago, and 3. That the earth was created in 7 days but one day is equal to thousands of years.

These are confusing because of so much evidence that speaks about millions of years of earth’s existence. I cling to that view because God created the heavens which is the universe and the earth; but the very heaven where God lives we don’t know exactly because it is where God lives and since God is eternal then heaven is eternal and God did not create it in human understanding of creation and therefore angels were created long time ago too before the creation of man.

Please share your view on this one and thank you for sharing your wisdom to us. God bless you my faithful brother

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Sons Of God And The Son Of God

Q. I don’t know if someone else asked you this question before: When did God create the angels according to Genesis?

And in Job 38:7: “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy, who are “the sons of God”? How do I explain to an unbeliever that Jesus was God’s only son – when in Job he talks about the sons of God?

Can you please explain it to me?

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Age Of Accountability

Q. Some popular prophecy scholars teach that children will be included in the rapture regardless of whether they are believers or not. What scriptural basis is there for this? What is the age / event at which a child becomes old enough to be responsible for their own beliefs?

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Defeated Lives

Q. After true salvation has genuinely taken place in a persons life,is it possible for that person to take a 15 to 20 year vacation,or until even Death, from hearing or reading or taking in some form of the word of God?

I went through a Dark period of a couple of years where I fed myself with nothing but the world. It had gotten Dark enough where I came RUNNING back to the Light. I didn’t like living without the Gospel or at least hearing the Word of God. As believers, can we truly get saved and then not feed our Souls with the Word in some form?

In other words, feeding on the Word in some form or fashion. If we did take a break from the Word for so long, would not God Chastise us or make things happen to bring us back? Or, a Saved Individual just lives a Defeated life when they don’t Fellowship with God’s Word any longer? Does this have to do with those believers that just do not bear much fruit at all in their whole life?

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Explain The Trinity Please

Q. In the article, “Will God Punish Me for Praying to Jesus?“, you say that God is the same as Jesus. I have always had difficulty understanding the trinity. I heard someone say it is sort of like water…Water can have three forms, liquid, gas and ice. They are all different, but they are all water. The same is true for God. He has three forms, Himself, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Would you say this is a good example of God’s trinity?

Why must we pray to God and ask “in the name of Jesus Christ?” Is this simply to acknowledge what Jesus (God) done for us and that we trust in it?

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