Is That Witchcraft?

Q. David and other psalmists have some things to say about their enemies and instructions for how they want the lord to deal with it. We are to pray for our enemies blessing and eventual salvation according to Jesus. I’ve even heard before that if you pray bad things on people, it’ll boomerang and you’ll end up with the same troubles, that it is essentially witchcraft to call down curses on people. Care to comment?

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All Three Agree, Follow Up

Q. I have to respectfully disagree with something you said in your “All Three Agree” response. You said: “No one can come to the Son unless the Father draws Him, but the Father only draws those who have chosen to come.” This makes God’s election subject to, and dependent on our foreknown choice, and thus introduces merit on our part, in regards to our salvation. This does not agree with the teaching of Scripture on the Sovereignty of God, and the depravity of man.

Your interpretation of Romans 8:29 assumes a temporal sequence of events in the eternal counsels of God – who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will. This does not mean that we don’t have free choice. I believe that God’s complete Sovereignty and our free volition are completely compatible. But, election can’t be contingent on our foreknown choices without doing violence to God’s Sovereign Grace. Election was necessary because God knew that without it, no one would chose Him. Do we envision the foreknowledge of God as being, in any sense, incidental? I dare not! Rather, I see God as the Author and Orchestrator of the circumstances that led me to my choice. I can’t take credit for choosing Him, for if my life had played out differently, who’s to say that I would have made the same choice?


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Decreasing Life Spans

Q. This past Sunday I explained to the SS Class the difference between Life Span and Generation Span. One question which I had no answer for was, if the Bible, I think in Psalm, states we have 70 years, or if lucky, 80 years, does it state in the Bible why after the Flood, if people like Abraham, Isaac, etc, lived into their 100’s…why did the age fall from that span back to the 70 or 80 range?

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Exposing False Teachers

Q. I have read very sound teaching and very sound answers given on your site. I do not say this to flatter you and I’m sure you are not, but thanks are in order as I read your weekly articles. In 2 Cor. 6 I see commands to not associate ourselves with non believers and in 2 Peter 2 strong words against false teachers. I have read your answers to people’s questions and it seems to me that some of the people writing in are actually being taught by false teachers.

So, why do you not address the problem of teachers, bad at the least and false at the worst, when you respond to these questions? I do believe we should come out of the assemblies, (churches), where there are false teachers at the pastor or head elder position. Would not the church be stronger and God be glorified?

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All Three Agree

Q. I’ve been reading your answers to questions on Romans 8:29 and 2 Peter 3:9 and they’ve been a BIG HELP! The notes in my Study Bible have been too convoluted for me to figure out what that text is saying! So would it be accurate to suggest that John 6:44 might fit under the umbrella of God’s Foreknowledge?


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Could The Disciples Forgive Sins?

Q. As a former Catholic it was such a revelation to find out I did not need a middleman (priest) to go to the Father to confess my sins and be forgiven. But in reading John 20:19-23 where Jesus states “if you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven and if you do not, they are not forgiven”. My question is, how can a man, even someone as close to Jesus as an apostle, forgive sins? Is not that only for the Father to do?


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Who Was Balaam?

Q. I always took it for granted that Balaam, son of Beor was a descendant of Shem, the godly line of Noah. I assumed he was a descendant of Eber (hebrew speaking), and had some insight into Jehovah. It says in Numbers 31:8 the Israelites killed the kings of Midian, including Balaam, the son of beor. Also, are the Midianites the sons of Japheth/Madai from Genesis 10:2?

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Reigning With Christ

Q. In Revelation 7:15 the Angel tells John that the great multitude who is worshiping God and the Lamb are those who came out of the Great Tribulation (Martyrs). They are then serving God in His temple day and night. I believe you have mentioned that they have a different destiny than the Church, who will reign with Christ. But when we get to Rev 20, that same group of martyrs comes to life, and then we see them reigning with Christ also (Rev 20:4).

We know that this second group is the same as the first group, because John mentions that they didn’t take the mark or worship the beast, so they are clearly Tribulation martyrs, just like in Rev 7. Can you reconcile the differences? I was under the impression that only the Church will reign with Christ, but here we see non-Church members also reigning with Christ.

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A Big Circle Or A Straight Path?

Q. I grew up thinking that God and his infinite wisdom had a set plan for every single person. That there were a skinny little path, a perfect will that no body could possibly get. Now I knew I wouldn’t get it to be perfect, but I figured that I needed to get as close to the “Right Path” as possible. It really brings a lot of fear in me when I start thinking that I’m on the wrong path for Gods will.

A friend said that our walk isn’t really a straight path, but more of a giant circle. We’re traveling in that circle in any direction and no matter what, we are still in Gods will. No matter what path we chose, even if it’s a horrible one, God will still have us end in the end where he intended us to be. Is this true?

I know Gods will cannot be thwarted, but we can refuse to do what he asks right? If so, then he isn’t all powerful right? I’m slightly confused.


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