God The Trickster?

Q. I was reading a web site about an African pastor who was resurrected from the dead after being dead over 40 hours. He states he was told that if he had stayed dead he would have gone to hell because he would not forgive his wife for slapping his face even after she said she was sorry and wanted to reconcile.

Reading this scared me very badly. I have been trying to be absolutely sure there is no one left that I have not forgiven for any thing they might have done to me ever in my life and have prayed the Lord show me if there is still someone I have not forgiven. Is it possible that I believe that I am saved and could be sent to hell for something that I did not realize I was doing wrong? This is what is scaring me. That one day I will meet Jesus and He will say He doesn’t know me because of something I didn’t realize was wrong ! Would God do this to me?

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The Sifting Of Peter

Q. When the devil asked to ‘sift Peter as wheat'(Luke 22:31) what exactly does it mean? Why would he want to do this?

I know that he also asked to persecute Job in the old testament and that God allowed this in order to cure Job of his self righteous attitude.Does this mean the devil has to ask permission to attack us directly, and if so are all our afflictions down to him?

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Confronting A Sister In Law’s Infidelity

Q. My sister-in-law has told me that she’s in love with another man, other than her husband. She still claims to be a Christian, and does not feel that it is wrong to meet with the other man and have a relationship with him. I have prayed for her and I know in my heart this is not right. What should I do? Keep my nose out? I have told her that it is wrong and gave her Bible scripture but she still continues, and it has gotten to the place where it is has caused friction within the family, the ones that she has told. She hasn’t told her husband, so what can we do as a family to stop this before she destroys her own family (she has two beautiful children)? I don’t feel like I can go to our pastor because of it being an embarrassment to the family. We need prayer and guidance.


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Keeping A Promise To God

Q. In the past years I received a promise, and then I received many signs that confirmed that promise. But I have sinned because I made a promise to God too and I have not fulfilled it but I am working on that every day to fulfill the promise. I requested pardon to God for that things but my question is : Have I lost my promise? or God is going to fulfill the promise or it is possible that God will retract the promise by my behavior?

Thank you for paying attention to my question

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Downgrade The Children?

Q. In your articles you say that children under the age of accountability will automatically enter the Church at the Rapture, having made no decision for themselves. Given the Church’s position, being God’s shining example of all His goodness, doesn’t it seem that defaulting children into it, kind of lowers its high position?

I’m thinking this because everyone else actually chose to be there, whereas the children who haven’t actually made a decision get free entry, when even if they all did live out their lives, not all would have chosen it.

It’s as if ‘here is the excellent Church, who all chose to be here, except for these few who defaulted here’.

Personally I see them at most being included as the Servants of God IE people before and after Jesus (even though they are from Jesus’ time, they didn’t make a decision in that time). Even though this still is a ‘default due to no decision’ position, at least it’s not giving them automatic entry to the best position there is.

What are your further thoughts?

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Myths And Commandments

Q. I was reading in the book of Titus and chapter 1 verse 14 caught my attention, “not paying attention to Jewish myths and commandments of men who turn away from the truth.” I’m curious what Jewish myths were causing trouble in the early church and if that means we shouldn’t rely on Hebrew teachings (maybe like those of Josephus?) and traditions to attempt to shed light on God’s truth? Or is it just an admonition to not get carried away with it? Thanks as always for your insight and hard work.

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The Bride Or The Bride’s Home?

Q. I have another question for your wonderful site. I always thought the “church” is the bride of Christ…but studying Revelation recently , I reread chapter 21 where John is shown the bride and it is the New Jerusalem/the Holy City “prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband…”. Will you explain or comment please? Thank you and God bless you.

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Bible College, Yes Or No?

Q. My question isn’t over anything in scripture or doctrine. I am just searching for a bit of wisdom from you. I have been considering Bible college, however, my rabbi doesn’t feel that is it truly necessary. I trust his opinion but was wondering if you know of any good reasons for or against going to Bible college.

I have asked God to reveal His will for me and I have noticed in the last year how much He has opened my eyes to His truths.

I’m just wondering if Bible college will help me any more then me simply studying like I have been along with the help of men such as yourself and of course the Holy Spirit. God bless you and your family.

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