To Teach Or Not To Teach

Q. I am an adult Sunday School teacher. I read my Bible just about every day. I pray to God that my lesson each week will glorify Him, and I ask for His help when preparing my lessons.

When I started teaching over a year ago, I had support rather than criticism. Now it seems some in my class would rather criticize me than support me. My husband who is in my class said my lessons are great, and not to worry about trying to please everyone.

I have always gotten my facts right when teaching, but I made a mistake a couple of weeks ago. A man in my class corrected this mistake and I thanked him. But now that one mistake is being criticized by many. In fact during our revival, one man stood up and gave praise to a woman who used to be the adult Sunday School teacher who was visiting our church that evening. Then he made the remark, if you have a question about the Bible, call her, she really knows her Bible… was a direct attack on me for having messed up.

I feel at this time I have no alternative but to quit teaching the adults. Its a shame though, because I love teaching the adults, and spend about 10 hours each week in preparing the lessons because I enjoy it so much. Also, no one else at the church wants to teach. But, when I tried to prepare the lesson this week, I can’t get the criticism off my mind, and my heart is no longer into teaching this group at the church.

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Confessing Past Sins

Q. What does the Bible say about a person’s past sins? What I mean is, I know that I am forgiven through my faith in Jesus and that God does not hold my sins against me any longer, but what about humans- what about the church? I am currently going through a situation where an ex-friend wants to tell the church of my past so that the heat can be taken off of her current sinning lifestyle. She knows that I have had experience in the area that she is sinning, and because she is feeling like people are judging her for her sins she wants to tell them about my past.

My fear is that I will be judged for my past- judged for sins that I have committed without seeing that I am a changed woman. So far she has not mentioned anything, but I am wondering if I need to confess my past sins to our mutual friends now or do I wait and see if she says anything then talk with them about it. Right now she says I’m denying my sin to others because I refuse to be revealing of my past to others. Like I said- this is all stemming from the fact that she confessed her sins and now is feeling the heat from the reactions of those around her. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!

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Ezekiel 38 And Isaiah 17

Q. Do you think that Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled at the same time as the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39?

Isaiah 17:4 says that the glory of Jacob (Israel) will fade and his fat will waste away so it seems like Israel will become weak. But in verse 7, it says that they will turn back to God, matching with Ezekiel 38-39.

What do you make of this prophecy?

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The Origin Of Rain Follow Up

Q. I have a question about your response in “The Origin of Rain.” In your response you said “Simple logic tells us that the rainbow God promised to Noah after the flood wouldn’t have been necessary for reassurance if they had often seen rain in the past. (Genesis 9:14-16) No, it was promised because the only time they’d ever seen rain everybody had perished. They were scared to death of it.”

This seemed logical when I first read it, and then a thought came to mind. “Why would God need to send this sign? Why couldn’t He have told Noah that it wouldn’t flood again? If only he and a few others survived the flood, couldn’t they just “pass down” the promise to future generations? I am not afraid of rain because I was taught not to fear it, couldn’t this have been possible of the survivors?”

I mean, Noah had enough faith to build the Ark, wouldn’t this same faith in God’s Word be good that it wouldn’t flood again?

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Asking For a Lethal Disease

Q. Is it a sin and an offense to the Lord if I ask Him for some lethal disease? I know He doesn’t share out diseases (rather His enemy). But somewhere the Bible says that the righteous perish early and nobody notice it and they not understand that the Lord carried him away to spare from this world’s evil things and this life’s pains. Our blessed hope is the rapture but what if this is many years away and everything just gets worse?

Once I pondered on this how would it feel to come to know that I have cancer or any incurable lethal disease and I felt joyful expectancy, gladness and so much looseness from this life’s cares, that I will be in heaven with Him soon and that “soon” is very certain. Of course maybe I would feel fear from death too. At times I ask for this in prayer but as in other things in that too I ask Him for His will!

I don’t want to offend the Lord. Please tell me if is this legitimate to ask for in prayer.

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Best Of Both Worlds? Not!

Q. I have been following this “Once Saved Always Saved” discussion on the website the past few months. I think this issue causes most of the confusion in our lives, because we all know somebody that claims to be saved once, but does not live up to it…

I’ve seen that you quoted Eph. 1:13-14 to confirm the statement “once saved always saved”. Well, I think it is wonderful for scripture to state such a graceful thing, but what about the following:

1) My sister was born again when she was 10 years old, but now when she is 25 years old she believes in reincarnation, there is no hell, the Bible is not all true, and that homosexuality is perfectly normal, but still believes in a God and a Jesus. She believes what she finds acceptable to believe.

2) My bother who was born again when he was about 12 years old, just turned 21 and his way of living doesn’t confirm his beliefs… he is partying, drinking, smoking and swearing, but still goes to church every Sunday.

According to your point of view, my brother and sister will still go to heaven despite their lifestyles and beliefs… So they are having the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…some people will say. Can you please add some clarity to this confusion please? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

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Can You Identify My Spiritual Gift?

Q. I am a born again Christian and have been since 1988. I have been given a gift but no one has been able to tell me what it is. Maybe you can help.

God shows me things that are either going to happen after he has taken his own away, or sometimes things that will happen in a few hours or a few days.

I have asked many pastors and people who know the Bible about where mine fits? What can one call this gift that I have?

Oh, and this gift only it works when God wants it to, and not on a regular basis, just every once in a great while. Its’ like I`m watching a movie in my head, but am awake while doing other thing like house work or taking a walk. I just stop when it happens until it ends. So what would you call this?

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Denying God

Q. My friend has accused me, and I admit I’m guilty as charged, of believing in the Hebrew God, Jesus and the Bible without considering every possible alternative god, theory, or ancient writing. He seems to think there any many Christian-like writings that preceded the Bible and therefore detract from its uniqueness.

I’ve tried to sum it all up for him with a bible based world view, and the need to be born again and sealed with the Holy spirit to be led to all truth but he thinks its a intellectual cop out. I don’t want to give up on him, but it may have to come to that point as everything is “yes, but …” for him. The one final thing I’m looking to provide for him is the uniqueness of Jesus. What He did that no one else or no other created entity or “god” could have done.

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A Perfect Body?

Q. When we are raised (or raptured) and given the perfect bodies, will we be able to sin? Will we have the capacity for it or even the conception of it? Or even temptation? Thank you so much for answering questions, and may God bless you a thousand times!

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