Should I Stop Associating With Her?


I read in your article where Paul cautions us not to associate with believers who live sinful lives. I have a dear friend whose family is not living a Godly life (in my opinion) but she’s a new believer. Her children ask me questions all the time about God and the rapture and Hell as does she. She truly believes what I tell her and professes Christ to everyone, but she has not left her worldly behaviors behind, even though I’ve talked to her about it. So, my question is am I sinning by associating with her?


Hardly anyone makes a miraculous transformation overnight. Most of us shed our worldly ways more slowly. Paul was speaking of believers who knew better. Your friend is new in the faith. Give her time. The question is more where her heart is than what her behavior looks like. The way you risk offending God is to reject her right when she’s looking to you for guidance. Ask the Lord how you can best help nurture her budding faith.