Should I Stop Witnessing To Her?


This has been something that has been heavy on my heart and I wanted to ask you about it. My mother is a Mormon. She is 67 and converted to Mormonism at 17. A while back ago she and I were were in this discussion about Mormonism and Christianity on the phone. It did not go well at all. She stuck to her beliefs and I stuck to mine. My mother got mad and hung up on me. We do talk now but there is a line I don’t cross, meaning I keep my beliefs to myself.She told me there are errors in the Bible, she is firm in her beliefs, and that Mormons are the only true church. Should I no longer try and witness to her? Thank you for all you do. This website has been a blessing.


From the outcome of your phone conversation, I think it’s safe to say that further discussions on the issue probably won’t be fruitful. That’s not to say it’s a hopeless case, but that you should focus your continuing efforts on praying that the Lord would reveal Himself to her, if He hasn’t already done so. Remember, the only true Church is really composed of people who’ve given their hearts to Jesus, trusting Him alone for their salvation, regardless of what the sign on their building calls them.