A Better Reward


I have noticed over the years when I spread the Good News of Jesus, using Bible Prophecy, that non-Christians are many times more ready to accept what I say about the End Times, the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus than true believers are. Many believers just pooh-pooh anything to do with Bible Prophecy and say, “It’s not for us to know.” or “No one knows the day or hour.” It is so frustrating to talk to them that I almost get gleeful knowing that there is a better reward in Heaven, for those of us who await the Lord’s return with great hope, than for them. Am I wrong to feel that way?


You’re referring to the Crown of Righteousness, promised to those believers who long for His appearing (2 Tim 4:8). I think it depends on your motive in thinking this way. If you’re thankful that the Lord has opened your heart to an understanding of these things, then it’s OK. But if you’re in any way placing yourself above those who don’t know or even care to know about prophecy, it could be a problem of pride.