Rapture As Reward


Let’s say a person fully leans on faith in God thru Jesus Christ, tries not to sin, prays, repents, is baptized, and reliant on Holy Spirit for daily life … also knowing that this life can change at any time according to the end times and God’s will. Yet this person is not sure as to the mechanics or theology surrounding the “rapture”. Will such persons who are following Jesus, still be taken if indeed the rapture is the “reward” for being a believer?


There’s no Bible verse on the rapture that makes any mention of qualifications for inclusion other than the faith that saves us. Nor does any verse differentiate “good” Christians from “bad” ones in determining who gets to go. Believing in the rapture or not, or in a certain timing for it, or in a list of qualifications, are not salvation issues and have no bearing on our destiny. The Bible only says that the Lord will return for His own, and He knows who they are.

Paul said right after the resurrection of the dead we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them (1 Thes 4:16-17). He didn’t say those of us who believe in the rapture, but simply “we”, implying that all believers who are alive at the time will be taken.

Put another way, for a believer the Rapture is like gravity. It applies the same to all of us whether we believe in it or not.