Forgiveness For Satan?

Q. I was just asked a question, and I am not sure how to answer. can you help me? The question is: If satan repented and asked for forgiveness, would he be forgiven?

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Generational Sin

Q. After years of training and preparation, our daughter was abruptly passed over for a paid position at our church because someone thought she may be suffering from generational sin. My question is do born again Christians continue to suffer from generational sin?

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Are Food Stamps OK For Believers?

Q. I have separated from my husband because he has refused to seek help for his drug addiction and living with him has become too dangerous for my children and me. I am going to school to be a nurse and money is very tight for us right now. Because of this, I have started using food stamps. I do not plan on using them for very long, but I am wondering if I’m not trusting God to take care of me by doing this.  I’m constantly hearing people at church put down people who are on welfare, saying we are lazy and just want a hand-out. It makes me feel so worthless sometimes. I cannot tell if I feel bad about using food stamps because God is convicting me, or if I just feel judged by the people in my church. What do you think about using food stamps?

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Why Does One Generation Escape Death?

Q. I know the penalty of sin is death but wanted to know what is unique about the generation of believers that never die since they are called up to be with Jesus while still alive?  Why does that group of people “get out of” death?

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The Straight And Narrow Way

Q. I know the Bible says that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But why does Jesus say in Matt 7:14 “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”  Is it pertaining to faith?

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The Authority To Forgive

Q. Luke 7: 36-50 tells of a Pharisee who invited Jesus to dinner.  A woman known as a sinner came and washed his feet with her tears and hair.  Jesus saw how sincere and humble she was before Him. This was before the cross but Jesus said that all of her sins were forgiven and that she was now saved.  Wasn’t she still under the law until the cross?

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Are We Hedging Our Bets? Follow Up


I read your article (several times) entitled “Are We Hedging Our Bets.”  Thank you for sharing what God put on your heart.  It is something I needed to hear once again.

In the article, you said yes, according to Mark 10:21, in response to the question should we give everything to the poor and live hand to mouth.  In the article I read, the author gives a different reason for why Jesus told the rich  young ruler to sell everything.  In addition, many prominent pastors also say it is not wrong to have possessions, just that they should not have us. Although, I will say that what you wrote resonates more with my heart.

Could you explain why these pastors have this interpretation of the rich young ruler  why it is different than what you stated. This has been something that I’ve wondered about over the years.

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