Why Do I Have A Choice?

Q. I have always been taught that God gives us freedom of choice because He wants us to be free to love Him or not love Him by choice. Therefore we are free to either sin or not sin. If that is true, then why can’t I choose NOT to have freedom of choice? I WANT to be a robot, loving God and not sinning continuously. I constantly sin…constantly. I am beset by a sinful addiction.

I pray to God, through Jesus, to keep the opportunity for sin away from me. I do not place myself in situations where I can sin, but the thoughts of my sin barage me constantly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This week some sins that I committed 25 years ago came back to haunt me. I confessed these sins to Jesus and repented many years ago but, even though He forgave me, He let me suffer punishment now. I understand that just because He forgave me didn’t mean that I would escape punishment. These were some very serious sins.

What I would like to know is that long before I committed these sins I would have gladly given up my freedom of choice and would like to have been an “android for Christ” (if such a thing would have been possible). You seem to be a very spiritually blessed person so maybe you could answer this for me.

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I Never Asked For This

Q. I am going to try and articulate my question. First let me say, that I understand I am a sinner, have a sin nature and need a redeemer. I don’t DESERVE anything, but thru grace and faith and the work of Jeshua on the cross I am saved.

Here goes my analytical mind: I didn’t chose to be born. Since I didn’t chose to be born I didn’t chose to be a sinner. I have an invisible (to me) enemy that wants to see me in hell. I also didn’t chose my body/mind/ brokenness. Some I’ve known seem to be a lot more hard headed than me, etc. Which seems to lead them into the trap of not wanting/believing they need a savior. So they go to hell. That seems like a HUGE penalty for something one didn’t chose in the first place.

When I think about this it makes me very fearful that I could have missed it. But for the grace of God go I. I can almost hear your answer, the one I could come up with. My problem with that is it is hard for me to believe that everyone regardless of their issues got/gets at least one chance. My mind replies: what if? Maybe the answer is: It just is.

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Was There A Pre-Adamite Civilization?

Q. Do you believe there could have been a pre-Adamite civilization and if you don’t would you say why false teachers cling to this? I found some sites that give compelling reasons for its existence, but I have also found sites that come down hard on this teaching. Could you please share your thoughts?

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How Is Jesus Related To Abraham And David?

Q. An issue which bothers me is this, I know Jesus was conceived by a virgin. How then is he being linked in genealogy to Abraham and David if Joseph is not his father. Joseph, husband to Mary is also listed in this genealogy as giving legitimacy to the fact that Jesus as a man is a descendant of Abraham. It does not challenge my faith but it keeps on popping up as a question in my mind. Probably the devil trying to twist me around to doubt my faith. What can you say about it.

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Qualifying Jesus As Israel’s King

Q. There is something I want to ask my own church Minister, but never remember to when I see him.

In Mathew chapter 1 verses 1-17 it gives: The book of the generations of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham, showing that Jesus is a descendant of David. Mathew must have known that Joseph was the step-father of Jesus and therefore Jesus could not be a descendant of David through Joseph.

I think that I heard or read somewhere, many years ago, that Mary was also a descendant of David, but do not know if this is true. Is it mentioned anywhere in the Bible? I have not been able to find it.

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Controversy Over John 8

Q. Thank you so much for being a continued source of reference.

I was in a conversation today with a gnostic and asked him what his point of view was on scripture. After some discussion he tried to tell me that there are inaccuracies in scripture. One of the things he brought up was that the “cast the first stone” story from John 8 wasn’t in the original mms and was added by the Catholic church as part of a conspiracy later. I told him that I was aware that it wasn’t in the older copies of John, but was in the older copies of Luke (which is how I understand it) He didn’t seem to believe that. I then told him that 2 Timothy 3:16 says that scripture is God breathed and that God would not allow His word to be corrupted to which he just replied “yeah, but it was.” Can you offer any more ammunition other than just knowing that he’s clinging to his a prior mind set regardless of the evidence presented?

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