Can Satan Indwell A Person?


I heard from somebody a while back that “Satan is a created being and can only be at one place at one time, like ourselves. Is it possible for Satan to actually “indwell” in a person? Because of my faith in Jesus, I know that He is with us and indwells in us always, but I thought that He and the Holy Spirit were the only ones capable of “indwelling” anybody.


Satan can bring thoughts to the thresh hold of your mind, but as a believer you have the choice of taking them under consideration or not.(2 Cor. 10:5) When we’re “out of fellowship” with God due to unconfessed sin, we may be deprived of the Holy Spirit’s powers of discernment and therefore fail to see the evil in what Satan has brought us. This is how he influences us. Most scholars agree that Satan can not “possess” a believer, and in the Bible only Judas (John 13:27) and the anti-Christ (Rev. 13:2) are said to be personally indwelt by Satan.