More On Tithing


Can you please give me scripture that tells me that tithing is for the Christian today. I keep getting confused some say no, others say yes. I would like a clear answer in the subject. thank you.


The only place in the New Testament where tithing is specifically mentioned is in Matt. 23:23 where the Pharisees are told to pay attention to the spirit of the law without neglecting the letter of the law. Other than that the New Testament is focused on generosity, urging us to give more than is required out of gratitude for the Lord’s gift of grace to us.

In the Old Testament the idea was to obey out of fear that you’ll die. The Lord gave His people minimum standards to guide them. Don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, keep the Sabbath, pay your tithe.

In the New, it’s obey out of gratitude that you won’t die. The whole concept is to be generous, as the Lord is generous, not calculating the minimum you can do to avoid the penalty you will otherwise get, but the maximum you can do to express your gratitude for the reward you’ve already gotten. And knowing all along that the Lord will reward your generosity with the means to be even more generous (Luke 6:38).