Tithing To Other Ministries Instead Of The Church


All I ever hear about tithing is that we’re supposed to give 10% to the church. My mother is a big pusher over this, often making me feel ashamed that I’m not giving 10% of my money on a weekly basis to my church. I don’t tell her, but I give money to people where the spirit leads me to. (I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to tell you that)

So am I still supposed to give 10% on top of the other expenses that I help out with? I just don’t want to feel like my giving is worth nothing. Thank You.


While most people bring their tithe to their church, it’s not required that we do so. It makes sense to help support the place where we worship and study, but there’s nothing wrong with diverting some or even all of your tithe to other worthy ministries the Lord has brought across your path, if you feel he’s leading you to do so. It all has the same value to Him.