Tithing, A Misunderstood Principle


Being married to an unbeliever I am at odds as to whether to tithe or not.

He is the only one bringing in an income and will say nothing if I once in a while give but then later when we are strapped for money he brings up the money given to the Lords’ work in resentment.

What’s the answer to tithing in this case?

Thank you for your help in sorting this out.


I’ve found that most believers fail to understand the principle of tithing, so it’s not surprising when an unbeliever doesn’t get it either. Somewhere along the line man has changed tithing from a means of maintaining financial security into a financial burden.

In Malachi 3:8-12 the Lord showed Israel how their failure to tithe had resulted in financial hardship and promised that the cure to their problems could be found in restoring their commitment to the principle of tithing.

New Testament Christians who look to God’s grace to save them from their violations of His Law, and say the tithe is no longer required of us, are really deciding to forgo the incredible financial blessings that accompany tithing in exchange for keeping some or all of that first 10%.

Luke 6:38 shows the cause and effect relationship involved in giving to the Lord. A generous giver receives generous blessings while a stingy giver receives stingy blessings. Tithing is not a matter of having to make a sacrifice as part of the price we pay for being believers. It’s a matter of joyfully expressing our thanks to God for all He’s given, knowing that we’ll always receive much more than we give.