Have We Misunderstood?


I have a question regarding the doctrines of eternal security and also the rapture. It seems very clear that these are biblical, but looking at what the early Church believed creates conflict for me. I know that the Bible is the final authority, but if Christians this soon after the cross believed in loss of salvation, works righteousness, etc. could we be wrong in your interpretation of God’s word? What’s also unnerving is just how many people are like that today. Some even say that OSAS and the rapture are only very modern ideas. What is the explanation for this?


Verses like Ephesians 1:13-14, 2 Cor. 1:21-22, (OSAS), 1 Thes, 1:9-10, 1 Thes. 5:9 (pre trib rapture) and a dozen or more others have been part of the public record since they were written. In each case their point is clear and doesn’t require any interpretation. Neither have their meanings changed with time. The first two confirm that our salvation is guaranteed and the last two promise that the Church will not be here for the end times judgments.

The early Church was highly influenced by Judaism, and the “here’s what the Lord really meant” attitude was just as prevalent among teachers then as it is now. Even Paul was amazed at some of the things the Holy Spirit was having him say about the Church.

All men have an agenda to push, and that’s why I don’t put much faith in what they say, but trust in what the Lord says. When I stand before Him I want to be able to say, “I took you at your word.”