New Testament Tithing


Why is it in the New Testament we are not told to pay tithes. { ten percent of our income}? If we are to Tithe, to whom do we tithe, (a TV prosperity preacher)? Seems to me that he already owns much. Aren’t we to give to the poor? I’m confused..


In fact the New Testament does mention tithing in Matt.23:23, telling the Pharisees that they should paid more attention to justice, mercy and faithfulness without neglecting their tithing. Luke’s version accused them of not doing these things in love.

Normally, giving is done through your local church. Most churches will let you designate your tithe for specific purposes, such as feeding the poor. But you can also decide to give your church only part of your tithe and give the rest directly to ministries who help the poor or the homeless, etc. Be sure to confirm the legitimacy of para-church ministries to make sure the money is going where they say it will.