A Tithing Question


I have a question about tithing. Up until a year ago when I lost my full-time caregiver job I was a faithful tither and it blessed me so to be able to give to God’s work on this earth.

Now I’m unable to give as I once did. It’s tearing me apart and the guilt I have is more than I can bear. It takes everything I make just to pay bills and there are times when I have to let things go because at the end of the month there isn’t anything left. I’m overwhelmed financially. I know God is our provider, but sometimes things look so bleak. I don’t shop or go anywhere that I may need money for, thus I pretty much stay in my house. I feel guilty about even buying grocery’s because I could give that money to the Lord’s work. I want to be obedient to God’s word, but what do I do when there is nothing left?

Should I pay my tithe first even if it means getting two months behind on bills or going without the things I need to just survive? I’ve heard so many different things I don’t know what to do.


Tithing won’t add to your financial burden, it will ease it. By remaining faithful to your commitment, you will demonstrate your trust in the Lord and He will respond by being faithful to you. It doesn’t matter how little you earn, when you return the Lord’s portion to Him, your guilt will be gone and you’ll be on your way to a solution to your financial problems.