Another Question On Tithing


I’m confused when it comes to a church and tithing. We are being preached to on tithing (giving our 10% to the church) as if its something that will qualify us for eternity. You get such teaching even from TV. I’m having confusion when my thanks giving to God would be limited to 10% to the church (according to the preaching we often get in our area) hence I’m inquiring this from you.

Please explain it to me. Do I have to give tithing (10%) strictly to my church as a thanks giving to God or its fine if I give generously and exceedingly to the destitute. I ask this because I hear preachings all over about tithing to your church but not enough clarity is given to the relationship between generous giving to the impoverished and tithing (10%) to your church. Secondly, please tell me if its fine for me to give generously to the houses of impoverished on monthly basis (or as often as I can) rather than limiting my giving to 10% tithing?


Local churches have historically laid claim to the tithes of their members, but there’s no Biblical requirement for this. In Old Testament times there was only one religious organization, so the tithes of the whole nation went there. Today there are many, so we’re encouraged to support the places where our needs are being met. If this is the local church, then that’s good. But in cases where it’s not, or when we want to give above and beyond our contribution to our church, we’re free to support the Lord’s work in other ways as the Spirit leads us.