Another Tithing Question


I don’t have a problem with tithing. Actually, I enjoy giving and I do hope some day God will provide me with an opportunity to give even more abundantly to others. When tithing, is a person required to give all his tithe to the church he is attending? Or can he give half of his tithes to the church he attends then half to other ministry needs such as a radio station he listens to, or an out reach ministry? I’m not really getting fed at my current Church, and I would like to divert some of my tithe to other ministries.


How you distribute your tithe is between you and the Lord. While it’s normal for a person to support their local congregation first, there’s no Biblical requirement to do so. The “storehouse” can be any Christian ministry that you feel led to support.

But if you’re not getting fed in the church you’re currently attending, have you thought about finding another one that you could feel more comfortable supporting? It’s a great blessing to see your tithes in action, and being in a church you can fully support multiplies that blessing.

By the way, your giving is not restricted to a 10% tithe. You can give as much as you want. The Lord said His generosity toward us would be determined by our generosity to others (Luke 6:38) and that those who sow generously will also reap generously (2 Cor. 9:6). Therefore the quickest way to realize your desire to give more abundantly is to be as generous as possible with what you already have.