Winning Crowns


I have a question about the Bema Seat Judgment, when we are judged for our works during our lifetime. I’ve listened to a evangelist who states when we get to this judgment Jesus will ask each one of us what work we did for Him in our lifetime, and some of us will feel remorse in that we didn’t do anything to earn a crown. He then went on to say how badly we will feel to have nothing to give back to the Lord when many others are casting their crowns at the Lord’s feet. I’ve been quite upset since hearing this man talk. Is this really how it will be?


Stop and think. Will the Lord have to ask what we’ve done? Will he be disappointed to learn how little it is? Doesn’t He already know everything about us? Do you think the indescribable joy of the rapture will immediately be followed by a reality check that will have us feeling remorse instead? This guy was tying to make you feel guilty for not working hard enough.

1 Cor. 4:5 says it ‘s the motive of our heart that will count at the Bema judgment, not how much we’ve done. If our motive is a desire for personal credit, even an abundance of good deeds won’t earn us anything. Gratitude for what He did for us is the only motive that’s acceptable. And Paul said that’s something only the Lord can judge.

Also, in John 15:5 Jesus said if we don’t remain in Him the things we do won’t have any value, but will be like pruned branches to be thrown in the fire. This means only the things we do at His direction and in His strength will count. If you don’t think He’s giving you enough to do, the solution is to ask Him to give you more.

James 3:1 says not many should desire to be teachers because those who teach will be judged more strictly. I believe people who teach things like this evangelist does will learn the meaning of that warning when they stand before the Lord. Instead of letting this man get you down, you should ask the Lord to forgive him.