Crowns Of Victory, Crowns Of Gold


I have a question about the crowns that the church is awarded at the Bema Seat after the rapture. Revelation 4:4 states that the twenty four elders , which represent the church, will have crowns of gold. Then in Rev. 4:10, the crowns are translated from the Greek word stephanos; crowns made of ivy, olive leaves, flowers etc. I know that stephanos crowns are victors crowns. what are your thoughts on this?


You’re taking too narrow a position here, and it conflicts with the wording of Rev. 4:4 and Rev. 4:10. In both verses the Greek word translated crowns is “stephanos” so both verses are speaking of crowns of victory. In Rev. 4:4 they’re described as being of gold.

In the ancient sporting games the crown of victory was made of ivy and was like a wreath, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be made that way. Paul described them as being temporary, but said our crowns will last forever (1 Cor. 9:25). He also used the Greek word stephanos. Therefore our crowns will be both crowns of victory and crowns of gold.