When Was Meat First Allowed?

Q. I just started to reread the Bible and was surprised to find that we were not given the animals for food as I had understood for all these years:

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. Gen. 1:29

When were we allowed to start eating meat?

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Where Is Enoch?

Q. There are some who say in Hebrews 11 that all died in faith having not receiving the promise etc and since Enoch was one of those who are in the list and that they all died in faith, that he wasn’t really taken off the earth by God. They say that he was taken somewhere for a time so he didn’t see others die, not that HE wouldn’t die. They also say that no flesh could go to heaven before Christ died and rose again.

I believe God took him and that he didn’t die. But if so, where would God have taken him? To heaven or toAbraham’s bosom? I don’t know how to answer the assumptions of the other folks above.


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Here Or Gone?

Q. I was listing to someone who said that we Christians will be here when the anti-Christ comes on the scene because when he said “who has wisdom let him understand”, he was talking about the Church. I thought that would be talking about the tribulation saints, not us. So are we here or home with Jesus?

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Questions On The Law

Q. I always hear we are free from the law. I have understood that to mean we are free from Jewish laws and traditions, not the 10 Commandments, since if that were true we would be free to murder or commit adultery. We have Christ saying I come to fulfill the law but also we are free from the (condemnation) law.

There is a duality here that no one can explain to me. Everyone admits we are free from the law yet everyone says we are to obey the (law) 10 commandments (except The Sabbath). Why do they exclude the Sabbath??

If the 10 commandments are in fact still applicable, why is observing the Sabbath not applicable, especially since it was first hinted at in Genesis, prior to the existence of Jews or Gentiles. I have understood the 10 commandments as establishing the relationship of man to man and God to man and to be somewhat eternal.

Recently, in looking at the Sabbath, I see the Authority of the Father in establishing the Sabbath but no authority to make our day of worship Sunday Frankly, I can’t see how the leap was made to Sunday.

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Do Our Prayers Really Change Things?

Q. Thank you so much for this website. It has been a tremendous help to me when I need to find an answer. I believe in prayer very much and have seen prayers answered, but if God already knows who will or won’t accept His plan of salvation and be saved, how can our prayers for a person’s salvation change anything?

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The Sacrifice Of Isaac

Q. Abraham was ready to give Isaac but was no use as his blood was stained with sin, right? So, after 2000 years, God offered His Son, as per the covenant, on the same mountain??

Is the visible scar of the Lord on His wrists and legs and ribs?

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I Want To Help This Man

Q. There’s this person I’ve been talking to for over 5 years on a message board we both belong to. Over time I have found out that he was once a pastor who now claims to be an unbeliever (he is very militant in his denial of God). During one of our many discussions about the existence of God he said, “If God exists and still performs miracles as you Christians believe, why doesn’t he ever regrow people’s limbs that they’ve lost? I couldn’t answer the question.

I don’t think he’s really an atheist. I think something bad happened to him and now he’s mad at God and is rebelling against him. I don’t know him personally, but I feel that I should help him and I don’t know how. Could you assist me in this?

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Does Satan Have Access To Heaven?

Q. I have come to really enjoy your website. Your studies and comments have helped me to understand the Bible much better but also developes more questions for me. Does Satan currently have access to Heaven and the Lord? In Job 1:6 it talks of the sons of God presenting themselves before the Lord and Satan coming amoung them. Is this in Heaven? REV 12 would indicate that Satan was or is in Heaven accusing man before the Father continually until the great war in heaven. When within the end time does this battle in heaven occur and he’s cast down to earth? Is this the time he indwells the anti-christ?

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More On Those Who Didn’t Hear

Q. I have a difficult question which has been puzzling me, which I hope you might be able to answer please. If a person dies not having heard of Jesus, “when” would you think he /she would be judged – at the Bema judgement or would they be part of the Great White Throne judgment and therefore could be saved out of it (if they would have accepted Jesus had they heard)?

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Are They Being Foolish?

Q. I know of a few people who are born again believers but who have gone back under the law, even though they are not Jewish. They practice all the laws and some men have become circumcised. The Holy Spirit has shown me that is not required of us, as has the bible. How does one show these people they are being foolish?

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