Who Else Is Missing?

Q. Hello, I want to say thank you for GTF. After surviving a severe stroke, in a very devastated condition, with my assurance of faith under constant attack, your articles have been a much-needed source of strength helping to restore my faith.

I was intrigued to note that America does not appear in the Biblical End times prophecies, and it is indeed ominous for us all.

It made me ask which other presently world-significant nations e.g. France, Germany, the UK., etc. are also absent from the Biblical scenario, I’d value any comment you have the time to give about this.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Q. Interested in your thoughts on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As a Lutheran pastor Bonhoeffer was apparently guilty of conspiring with a group of Germans to murder Hitler. While we should oppose evil, are we ever justified in taking life in this manner? I know of no acts in the New Testament of early Christians conspiring to murder or even over throw governments or rulers, however detestable.

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Islam And The False Prophet Of Rev. 13

Q. I appreciate your site so much. I have a question that I have not seen addressed as of yet on your site or anywhere else I’ve looked. It is concerning the Muslim Mahdi and his “commander” who they say will be “Jesus”. Therefore, when this Mahdi of theirs arrives (whom I believe will be the Antichrist), it would seem that his commander “Jesus” would be the False Prophet. Do you feel this is a valid assessment?

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Where Is God?

Q. I see no God in my life. He says to Love Him. How about showing us His Love. I am sick & tired of living. I have suffered my mental illness and many other physical and mental issues all my life and what for? I am in a marriage where my conditions make life for my wife hell and I do not want to continue on this way. We have prayed for years and so have others for Divine Intervention in our marriage and in my life and as of today which is our 24th marriage Anniversary I am just worn out try to love an unlovable God. All I see in this world is destruction of man, body & soul. God is nowhere to be found. Why does the Bible say one thing and yet it does nothing what it says God will do? Why should I go on living in an unGodly World and a God who does hear the screams of prayer toward Him? No one seems to be able to answer my questions and I am tired of waiting on God to deliver me from my anger, fears and etc. You would think that after 30 years as a Christian he would answer me, but alas he does not.

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Christians On The Rampage?

Q. What about someone who asks God into their heart and truly meant it but later got mixed up in the wrong kind of life … maybe they practice a homosexual lifestyle, they are killers, pedophiles, thieves, etc. What about these folks?

This is always a tough one when explaining things to my daughter and even my husband for that matter. My daughter was abused as a young child and sometimes its difficult for her to understand that this pedophile could one day share a cloud with her in heaven.

Likewise my husband, will say things like, “my ex won’t be going to heaven” and I often remind him that she is no different than anyone else and if she asks Jesus into her heart and means it she too will be sharing a cloud in heaven.

Many people don’t quite grasp that they won’t feel this hurt and anger they feel here on earth in Heaven, they think it will carry on. I know in the Bible and I’m sorry I don’t know where but, “the wages of sin is death” isn’t this statement speaking of a physical death not spiritual?

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The Body Of Moses

Q. I recently saw a sermon discussing the prophetic implications of this battle over Moses’ body. At the Transfiguration, Moses represents the dead in Christ and the fact that God will resurrect the bodies of the dead in Christ (hence the fight over his body) and Elijah represented those that are alive and will be raptured. Thoughts?

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The Book Of Life

Q. I have a question regarding Revelation 3:5 and the Book of Life. My pastor recently preached this verse to say that all the names of every human being who ever lived has their name written in the Book of Life, then if they die without faith in Christ, their name is blotted out. However, when I look at this verse it speaks of not blotting out names. I have always understood that the Book of Life has only ever contained the names of the elect, and that this verse assures us that we cannot lose our salvation: if we have repented of our sin and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we can never lose the promise of our eternity with Christ, we can never be blotted out of the Book. Can you please clarify this for me?

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Only Saved If We Keep Confessing?

Q. As always thank so much for your wonderful God given insight, you are truly blessed and I have been blessed through your teachings!! Recently you wrote an article about being saved, remaining saved…etc…the age old question….. Well, I have a question about this…I know we keep asking and asking but this is somewhat different.

I too believe that once we have been saved that regardless of our sins we are covered by the blood of Jesus. I believe that we cannot help but sin because our body is sinful. I’ve often heard, “You are saved as long as you ask forgiveness of your sins”, or you repent. I was brought up to always repent of my sins so I ask forgiveness every night.

But…. If we are to believe that we are saved because we ask Jesus into our hearts then it should make sense that asking him to forgive us over and over again is like asking him to save us all over again. For example if someone lived their lives by the statement, “as long as you ask forgiveness of your sins” and got cut off at a traffic light began cussing out the driver and then had an accident and was killed instantly, that person could no way ask for forgiveness and would have unrepentant sin in their life as they died so would that person now become unsaved?

I only ask this because this statement is made over and over again and gosh what a burden one would have over their head every day of their lives. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t repent once we are saved because I believe that it humbles us to repent and to have the Holy Spirit to search our hearts for any unrepentant sin. I’m just saying or asking why? Why put that big “if” in there?

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The Rapture And The Doctrine Of Imminency

Q. Is there a specific time of the year for some of the Rapture verses in Scripture? If so,then shouldn’t we know exactly what time of year to be looking for Him to come? For instance in Micah Chapter 7 it speaks of Summer fruits as a time when the Good man has disappeared out of the earth.

My point is this,many say Imminency is a Biblical concept,but if the Word of God is giving a specific time of year for the season of the Rapture then the Word of God has to come to pass exactly as what is written. I hope it is Imminent otherwise we all have to maybe wait a few more months before we can get into the season again. I am struggling with the concept of Imminency if the Scriptures are pin-pointing a specific time of the year. I am open to be taught on the concept of Imminency and how it relates to the Rapture.

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