Our Heart’s Desire


I received teachings from bible passage in Hebrews 8 & 10 that God will put His laws in our minds and hearts so that we would follow them. So can believers today depend on our hearts’ desires to help us make decisions in life (since the Bible says he has written His laws in our heart), is this interpretation Biblically correct?


God has put His laws in our minds and hearts so we’ll know right from wrong. But during our life on Earth we also have a sin nature that’s opposed to God’s will in our lives and we won’t be free of it until after the Rapture.

Currently, many of our Earthly desires come from our sin nature and are designed to draw us away from God’s will for us. Submission to God out of gratitude for our salvation, and a determination to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit will help us to resist them and choose to follow God’s will. Psalm 37:4 tells us that living this way will allow God to give us the desire of our hearts instead of letting our sin nature do it, and then we can be sure it will also be His desire for us.