Still More On Post Church Salvation


Recently there was an article on another website having to do with tribulation saints losing their salvation. The author disagreed with your position and gave an unfavorable critique of one of your articles in doing so. Would you care to comment?


I’ve received a number of questions about this so I guess a comment is in order. It’s important to recognize that the person who wrote the article is a Calvinist. That means he believes God created some of us to be saved and others to be lost and man has no choice in the matter. Since God doesn’t make any mistakes, those He’s chosen for salvation can never be lost. Therefore Calvinists are going to automatically be opposed to any suggestion that any believers can ever lose their salvation.

I believe each of us has the right to choose whether or not to accept the Lord’s pardon for our sins and that Eternal Security is a blessing given only to the Church. I’ve written several articles on the subject where I’ve cited numerous passages of Scripture in support of my position. One of them is The Nature Of Post Church Salvation.

I think the writer would have been more forthcoming if he had just stated his doctrinal position on salvation from the beginning. That way his readers would have known the real basis for his objection to conditional salvation for tribulation believers and he wouldn’t have had to misquote parts of my article and take other parts of it out of context in an attempt to make his point.