Suffering Like David?


King David suffered some consequences of his sins. He should have been stoned for adultery and murder. Why didn’t he suffer the full judgment of his consequences? I am now suffering consequences of my adultery. I am praying that I change from the inside out and I am seeking personal transformation. Also I have been praying for a miracle that my marriage will survive. I keep getting told that there is no condemnation in Christ, and that I am forgiven, and that Jesus will comfort me and provide for me, but I am still to suffer the consequences of my actions. No one seems to speak about a miracle from Jesus to heal my marriage that has been damaged by my actions. Is there a miracle for me and my family?


Some say David suffered consequences worse than death. His family was destroyed. The child of his adultery with Bathsheba died as an infant. One of his older sons (Amnon) raped one of his daughters (Tamar), for which another son (Absalom) killed him. Absalom also led a rebellion against David and drove him from his throne and his home before being killed by David’s soldiers . The son David chose to succeed him (Solomon) fell into idolatry that resulted in a civil war that permanently split the nation. So, like you David was forgiven for his sin, but was not relieved of the consequences of his behavior.

That said, reconciliation between you and your wife is possible, but you both have to want it more than anything else. Your wife has legitimate grounds for divorce, but has the option of forgiving you. It sounds like you feel genuine remorse for your actions and are trying to change, so now it depends on her willingness to give you another chance.