Why Did God Do This?

Q. God has created people who are deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, etc. Why? I can not understand, why he created these people, what is the real message behind this creation and what does God want from us? What is the logic behind this whole thing?

Could you please explain why war, sickness pain and misery?

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Saving Gentiles Before Christ

Q. My question is, how were Gentiles saved before Christ? and how did they receive the message of who God is if God worked through the Jews? In Eph 2:13 what is it referring to? It confused me because it appears to indicate that the Gentiles were not offered salvation previously.

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Can I Really Know I’m Saved?

Q. Here is my question to you. We are all sinners, and though I thank God every day for all he has provided me, and beg him to not leave me, how do I know when all is said and done and I am standing before God he will not say to me, “Be gone! I know you not.” Several of us were talking about this and I thought I would ask you. We do believe that Jesus is the son of God made man that came to earth and died for our sins that we may know everlasting life in heaven. It is only by the blood of Jesus washing us clean that we can ever hope to stand before God the father and hope and pray he tells us welcome. So there you have it. Can you help?

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Idol Worship?

Q. A Pastor spoke today on having images in the house like birds, fish, and of course, statues. He said they are to be removed so as not to defile the house and ourselves.

I can understand that if one has images of dragons or anything satanic for sure as that opens up the doors to the occult. I don’t have any of those. I do have gifts given me for decoration i.e. ceramic angels, cats etc. Needless to say I don’t ‘worship’ them. But the fact they are here, should they be removed?

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Am I Still Worthy?

Q. I have recently quit my job because I was lusting over a married woman there. I have never in my life had such a strong sexual desire for a woman – it was driving me crazy, I couldn’t hardly think of anything else. She had suggested that her marriage was all but over and I had hoped that we would be together when they divorced. Also I had hoped her husband would die while alternately being guilt ridden and telling the woman we must stop and that I would pray for her marriage. Long story short: I became obsessed with this woman and it consumed my whole life. Finally I quit the job and told her not to ever contact me again – and I meant it.

But during all this affair, I have entered into a spiritual darkness that I cannot even begin to describe. I wonder if I have quit the job so that I will not sin or so I will not be miserable with frustration.

My whole life has been marked with seasons of sin and turning from sin. So now I am here in this deep anguish of soul wondering why, if I am a believer, have I lived such a life with so many episodes of blatant, willful sin? Am I now just heartbroken over my circumstance and running to God? Is that what I have always done? I wonder if I am just a big fraud.

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Our Status In Heaven

Q. I read an article with the theme “Not Everyone Will Have the Same Status in Heaven”. It said that although God loves each of us without end, some will be given positions of higher status, authority, and responsibility than others, citing Matt 5:19 and 19:30 (NLT).

It also said, “All who trust in Jesus Christ will experience eternity in His presence. In heaven, there will be no sorrow, death, crying, or pain. However, there is no guarantee that we will not experience regret.”

Do you agree with the writer of the article? The quoted verses backing the writer’s opinion? I know I asked a similar question before about a preacher’s idea about hierarchy in the church in heaven and you said it’s pure guessing. But what do these verses truly mean then?

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Rejoicing In Heaven

Q. In reference to Luke 15:7,10, if we are to know no sin in heaven, how is it possible for the redeemed in heaven to rejoice over a sinner who repents? Please help. God bless your ministry.

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The Father’s Will

Q. I’ve recently listened to a sermon from a well known pastor, and his call on biblical repentance, and holy living. One of his key statements, if you will, is that it isn’t if you know Christ, for even Satan knows him, but if Christ knows YOU, that determines if you are really saved.

This bothers me quite a bit, although he uses Matt 7:21 to justify his sermon, about those that say Lord, Lord, etc. We have verses like Rom 10:13 that say everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

So, I guess to finally get to my question: how do we compare these two things? If Jesus said those that are mine do the will of the Father, and yet it would appear that very few ARE doing the will of the Father, are they in fact truly saved?

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The Perfect Healing

Q. Has anyone you have ever prayed for has died of a disease? If so do you place the fact that they died on your own lack of faith in the power of God? Do you feel a burden from that? I ask you this because this past week my 5 month old nephew was in a coma and died, and I was under the impression that if I prayed with enough faith and didn’t doubt, then God would heal him. I feel an incredible burden that he passed away due to my lack of faith in prayer. What can I do?

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What Is Our Treasure In Heaven?

Q. Thank you so much for the help and for your ministry. I have a question about treasure in heaven. What will it be? Will it be a house or mansion or gold or silver? We were having a discussion on this at church and wanted to know. I thought just seeing God and living forever would be the ultimate treasure. But would love some scripture on this.

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